December 17, 2009

We're too young to think colanders are exciting.

Welcome to (some semblance of) fame.

Bec, Em, Care--you asked for a shout-out on the blog. So attention everyone, these girls rule. And acting like we're still 17-years-old and in our prime, giggling away at "our" table in the Trinity lunch room everyday kinda makes my life.

It sure made Brittany's kitchen bridal shower even more fun today. I am beginning to see the allure of selecting stemware.
Get up, Alpha Delta Pi.


  1. I just want to say... I'm no longer too young to think colanders are exciting. I LOVE kitchen-ware. I guess thats part of being 23, with a grown-up job, living in a grown-up apartment. It stinks, a little, But I'm learning to accept it. Just wanted you to know.. You'll get there one day...

  2. Nice photos. Your icon pic jumped out b/c my initials are EAS too! xx

  3. Cute photos! I see that you are in a sorority? I am too! :)

  4. just came across your blog, so cute!

    your newest follower, xo-

  5. I knew I was old when I got way to jazzed about a new duvet. Ah ha ha


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