December 27, 2009

Shady Pi? Not today, sir.

After a flu-induced hiatus, I'm back in action. Well, probably back officially tomorrow as Mama has lovingly shot down a night out at Montgomery's Brew Pub tonight. I mean, is coughing every five minutes that abnormal? I'm just clearing my throat.

Flu '09 Activities
Getting all my meals (read: grits) in bed.
Putting dates in my 2010 Lilly planner.
Texting conversations with one-third of my contacts.
Making pro/con lists for grad school versus the current job market.
Playing Words (aka Scrabble) with Sloan and Carol Anne via iPhone.
Wondering if there is really a bigger audience for Jersey Shore than The City.
Having time to thoughtfully decide my iTunes purchases, which are quite good consequently.
Trying to use J. Crew and Sephora giftcards online, but I don't get the same rush as in store, so I abstained.
Singing "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum and "White Liar" by Miranda Lambert in an appealing raspy voice.

Upping my movie quota astronomically.

So, yeah. I just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten you and your sweet comments :)

Shameless Plug: And I've gotta shout out to one of my most fabulous friends and pledge sisters, Ellen (see above), who is now blogging. This future interior designer simply oozes class, even as we were stressed out, diet Coke-consuming co-rush chairs.

That's me and Elle-the-new-blogger in the middle on Bid Day.


  1. Aww hun, sounds like you got what I had all last week(end). Glad you're feeling better!

    I was so mad I didn't get a Lilly agenda! I've decided I definitely still need one anyways.

  2. The Lilly planner is presh! Need one, now. I have been listening to those two songs on repeat singing at the top of my lungs in the car. Also, shared your mom's great idea about the wine toppers on my blog. Check it out if you haven't!
    -Heather @

  3. BOO on your sickness! Glad you are back with a vengeance HA even though your activities actually sounded pretty nice, sans cough!

    I still haven't caught Jersey Shore, I've got to get on that!

  4. Sweet Ash,

    I feel so honored to get such a kind shout out on your blog. And that picture, ha truly priceless!

    Girl, Grits in bed is the sure fired cure to the flu in my house. Glad your feeling better!


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