December 8, 2009

Dixie's Heart

I'm one of those types: home's never gonna be anywhere but little Montgomery (Even when I have my loft in the city.) Doing senior thesis research in De Bow's Review, an antebellum journal, I couldn't help but smile when my hometown was mentioned. Here's to hometowns!

"The capitol is located on elevated ground on Capitol Hill. The view from the upper part of the building is very extensive over the surrounding country."
(Still is, and Jeff Davis's house is in it's shadow.)

"There are many handsome private residences, built of brick, and several of them very expensive and magnificent."
(I gotta say I wish more had been preserved...)

"In this capital there are three newspaper establishments, The Montgomery Advertiser, The Confederation, and The Montgomery Mail, whose editors are scholars, and obliging gentlemen."
(Well, well, well, if journalistic traits are still in the water, I hope I drank enough.)

"The inhabitants of this metropolis, as well as of the whole state are citizens of liberal, hospital, intelligent, and obliging character..."
(I like to think they still are.)

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