December 23, 2009

Top It Off

Craft time with Mama = always a high success rating.

Mama does it all: everything she cooks turns to gold, her French hand-sewing is lauded, her Sunday School class students adore her, and the backyard brims with herbs and roses in the summertime. I'm talking, we had creme brulee for dessert tonight. (Um, yeah. Don't worry, I still can't figure out the secret to making Cream of Wheat in the microwave.)

"Hey Ash, wanna come help with this project?" Yup, Mama. Be there in 0.5.

These wine cork toppers are what some of the Stallings/Elliott couples are getting for Christmas. Just a little craft Mom saw in Lowe's magazine, she claims. I'd imagine this could be a great hostess gift as well.
  1. Gather corks and lamp finials from a craft store (you know, those things that go on top of the lampshade).
  2. Secure to the top of each cork with a dab of Liquid Nails.
  3. Allow adhesive to try for a w-h-i-l-e.
  4. Throw with some cocktail napkins and bow, voila.


  1. Too cute! I'm loving those napkins too..

  2. PS: What kind of camera do you use? All your photos are super clear!

  3. What a fabulous idea for a hostess gift!

  4. Wow, that is a pretty great idea. I think my mom would like those.


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