December 17, 2009

Sometimes, I'm SUCH a girl.

Uh, yeah. My BFF's and I have annual photoshoots. We may or may not be infamous (famous?) in Montgomery for this.

For about a week, the scent of flowers has started midway up the staircase, snaking downward from my room. Despite the rather bizarre aroma-limbo caused by intermixing with the downstairs Christmas tree/cinnamon/yuletide scent, it been most enjoyable. I have become rather attached to a room harboring five arrangements.

Sidenote: Flowers are the way to my heart for the following reasons.
1. They're a blessing God didn't have to make gorgeous but He did.
2. They don't last forever (Thus keeping with my newly adopted You-Only-Live-Once [YOLO] mantra).

Alas. That is, I was attached until they died today.

So with the girliest-girl, domesticated notion in me I promptly went outside and hacked away at mother's camellia bushes and climbing roses until I created this beauty. Now, with my quality of life enhanced, I can ignore my next two story deadlines for a moment and read the January Southern Living that arrived today.

Though I really should sign up for one of those flower arrangement classes.


  1. what a pretty arrangement- great job!

  2. I'm jealous you can even go and get fresh flowers from your yard! It's much too cold up here in PA. The flowers are gorgeous!

  3. I love camellias. I wish I had a yard full of them! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm definitely becoming a follower of yours. :)

  4. flowers are gorgeous. love it.

    and i LOVE your pink republican elephant!! :)

  5. I am the worst at floral arrangements...and I adore fresh flowers. Such a problem!


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