May 26, 2010

10% Off at Buffalo and Company!

Wildlife Series Tee Shirt. Photos courtesy of Buffalo and Company.

A coupla months back, I waxed poetic on the branding of Buffalo and Company. Grounded with the idea of creating Southern, classic American products that aim to represent the rugged, dust-and-dirt man's man, the company makes me grin--I've got a thing for guys a tad rough around the edges. (Freud would probably attribute this to having a huntin', shootin' fishin', bushoggin'-at-the-family-farm father. You know, the kind that broke his arm being thrown off a buckin' bronco at the Auburn frat rodeo circa 1980. The last time he wore pink was probably when my darling sister graced earth in 1991.)

True, a pair of seersucker pants on the right gentleman makes me swoon, but the scruffy, devil-may-care type is the way to my heart. Enter Buffalo and Company--I'll have what they're having. 

So when Xan came to me with a discount offer for my readers, duh--no brainer. Polos, tee shirts, fishing shirts, leather goods, baseball hats-- Check out the product line at Buffalo and Company and get 10% off with this code: MISSMAGNOLIA

Word on the street is they're perusing for a few good men. If you're interested or know someone who may want to be a B&C campus rep, give Xan a shout.

Hemingway Fishing Shirt. So maybe no fish bit last week and my friend pulled his golf clubs out and we drove balls into the field instead. I adore this shirt despite my luck.

So welcome my newest (okay, first, but like anyone's counting) advertiser--Buffalo and Company! Whatcha think?


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