May 16, 2010

I Think I Just Graduated...

Proud parents. I'm pretty blessed.

"All children, except one, grow up." Or so declares paragraph one, page one of my Favorite Story Ever. 

I loved every moment of my college graduation yesterday. From the impromptu photoshoot my goofy family decided to have on the Quad to the walk across the stage (in Jack Rogers, to my mother's dismay. My nude heels broke. Uh, whoops).
Daddy thought it'd be hysterical to replay 4 years of giving money to Mr. Samford Benefactor himself, Dwight Beeson. Well, it was funny...

But back in sweet Montgomery today, my fingers lilted across book titles until they landed on my go-to: Peter Pan by James Barrie. Yes. I just finished studying CIA investigation of Abu Ghraib and Gothic architecture in Europe. And yes, 24 hours later, I have reverted to age 10.

Can't help it. He was my first crush, followed by Aladdin. My babysitter lovingly allowed us to kill the Mary Martin version VHS. Then, in high school I danced Wendy in Alabama Dance Theatre's Peter Pan, resulting in months of character study. First time I set foot in London, I'm running to the Kensington Gardens Peter Pan statue. Shoot. Do you know what? I realize I am still attracted to confident, stubborn boys today. Okay, now I'm psycho-analyzing myself like my pyschology-major roommate... Miss you, Rach :)
See why they call it Samford Country Club?

Regardless, I'm taking a page from the tale. Yes, I'll accept responsibility. Yes, I'll work to grow and learn. 

But I pledge to be forever young'Cause I kinda adore what Kid Cudi says, that people will always say what they will. You've gotta see where God's brought you, the blessings you have, and then--high on dreams--keep soaring upwards.

"I'm feeling like I'm Peter Pan, minus the tights and the fairies /
Happy to see how far I've come /
To the same place it began my dreams and imagination perfectly at peace /
So I move along a bit higher... /
I'll be up, up, and away / up, up, and away / 'cause they 'gon judge me anyway / so whatever."
- Kid Cudi, "Up, Up, and Away"

Swear on my honor this is staged. They made me. Kristen demanded I "go frolic." I'll also jump off a bridge if you tell me, apparently.

So happy graduation to me! 
Now? Second star to the right, straight on 'til morning.


  1. I love you. Congratualtions Ashlyn Stallings. You made it... and I am expecting a visit from Peter Pan very soon because, hey, I'm not growing up yet either!

  2. Adorable, you look gorgeous and congratulations!

  3. Even with the Jack Rogers on, you radiate!! I love you!!!!! -mom

  4. congratulations!!! I recently discovered your blog, as I too am a Journalism Major and an active member of Greek Life. Looking forward to seeing how your next year pans out!!! Best of luck!

  5. Congratulations! Your campus is so beautiful!


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