May 24, 2010

Listen up.

Photo courtesy of We Heart It

I debated posting this.
But well, sometimes I throw caution to the wind.

Sermon: "God and Sex," by Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church in Texas.
Why: This clip about relationships is kinda-sorta circulating (a sorority sister clued me in), and it's raw. Uninhibited.

Very interesting sermon, to say the least. Long-ish, but at least put it on in the background. It's about a God. A God that resists inhibiting our joy with all His unreal, awesome might. A God that, contrarily, looks for the best, most wonderful thing He can find, wraps it up, smiles and says "here ya go, got this for you. I love you." 

p.s. Here is the Church at Brookhills Psalms 23 sermon (I mentioned in another post) for y'all that asked for a link. It's the May 2 stuff. 

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