May 26, 2010

I'm a wanderer I have no place or time.

I'l' be feeling so fly like a G6, like a G6, like a like a G6. Photo courtesy of We Heart It.

Post a zillion college graduation pictures on Facebook, and the "what's next for you" question becomes everyone's new favorite:

People: "Ash, congrats! *fist pump/pound/chest bump/etc.* Aight, so tell me what you're doing next."
Me: "Well, for almost a year, I'll be on the road as a traveling leadership consultant for Alpha Delta Pi sorority. I figure I have a bunch of rando sorority knowledge/fun facts to impart upon the youth of our nation and wanted to shake things up."
People: "No WAY--my friend that did that for her sorority (no lie, who knew this was such a popular job). Where are you based?"
Me: "Kinda Atlanta? Um, my suitcase? I don't really know..."

In less than two months, I start my first post-college job. When I say traveling, I mean heavy emphasis on the traveling part. Like, heavy as in I usually won't stay put longer than a week.

So that's why I'm coming to you. I have a SLIGHT overpacking tendancy--as in life, I like options ok? And I think I've done the airport-by-myself-thing once. Contrary to popular belief, interning in the Southern Living travel department didn't teach me everything. Yikes. So please. Help. Me.

I want to know everything. From the "pack the heavy stuff by the suitcase wheels" to "Tory Burch Reva flats will set off the security alarm and cause a scene." (Do they? I dunno. Someone tell me, otherwise my ballerina flats and I shall learn the hard way.)

Further, what "stuff" do you like to travel with? Below is my wish list as of 5.26.2010. Feel free to sponsor me, I take checks.
Kate Spade Large Colin cosmetic case. Because keeping your makeup brushes in a glass champagne flute isn't gonna fly on the road. (Fly, get it? Mwhaha.)
Longchamp Le Pilage. Bandwaggoning. Again. But it's super light, eh?
Vera Bradley Ditty Bag. I was told to get one stat because despite their inherent cuteness, I will not be using baby bottles of anything.
Baekgaard Leather Travel Companion. Because I vow not to be my usual absent-minded/forgetful self for ONE year. And I may get to go to Canada, hence a passport.

AquaBells. As seen in SkyMall. I would, I know.

Okay. Hit me. Best travel tips, best packing supplies, travel blogs. Mark, get set, GO.

Blog title: "Wanderer" by Marc Broussard. Because didn't some wise sage decide love is all we need anyway? Adore you, Marc. And a-HEM--the one who's out there smiling reading this part, thanks for everything. You know who you are :)


  1. Ashlyn! You are a doll! Call me we can talk alll day about what to pack and not pack! My suitcases were both 50 pounds! I am an overpacker and still am even after this job! You can do it, girl! You are going to be WONDERFUL! I am going to live vicariously through you next year!

    Can't wait to see you soon! :)

  2. Mama always told me to pack things that could "be worn wrinkled" - meaning, that can be packed tightly. This also translates to leaving those pretty summer linen pants and dresses at home - unless you'll have time to iron. And, she always said to keep makeup in a carry on. Not because you might need it spur of the moment, but because it might melt in cargo - good thinkin' mama!

    Can't wait to hear all about your musings!

  3. I love Vera totes, but those aren't always the most practical. I do a lot of longchamp and le sport sac just because its easy, but I am not an expert packer/traveler by any means. Your job sounds so exciting though! I can't wait to read your updates! :)


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