May 18, 2010

Ahoy: Kiel James Patrick

I know, I know. I'm bandwaggoning a bit with this one, but I have kept my crush quiet too long.

Let me begin by saying I'm quite certain in another life I lived on a coastal city. The water FASCINATES me. Sand? Nbd. Say the word "harbor" and I Pavlov's-dog-salivate. Hemmingway has always charmed me. (original draw? The fact that he was besties with F. Scott Fitzgerald, my true favorite. And F. Scotty was married to--drumroll--Montgomerian Zelda Fitzgerald. They met at Montgomery Country Club. Now that I've played Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon BY MYSELF, I'll cool my jets.)

So when I saw Kiel James Patrick's woven silk stud earrings, I flipped a lid.

Because now, I believe I need little nautical earrings* for when I go to the beach. Or lake.
* I theme dress. Case in point: I wore a Mexican print skirt out on Cinco de Mayo** night. My mom is a teacher, it's in my blood. Judge me.
** Yes, to those concerned about my previous post, I finished the paper and went out for the 5th. Good call, Ashlyn. Viva Mexico!

I do not discriminate--their Vicker Lee headband collection rocks as well.
Am I allowed to wear headbands now that I'm a college grad? Sure. I mean, Blair Waldorf does, right?

Dear loyal Plash family readers: I love you. And your island. Melissa, tell anyone how I couldn't bait a shrimp last summer on your daddy's boat and you're going down. It will destroy my sailor-y street cred.

I needed help. I'm used to worms. Photo courtesy of Mallory.

Welp, 'til I move to Charleston, I'll just adorn my ears with the tennis racket studs. That suits my landlocked/rubico courtside style a little more. Pinkie-promise I won't wear them while playing. Come on, didya think I was THAT bad about theme dressing? :)


  1. I'm a new your blog btw. I have been drooling over this website for weeks now! It's taken all my self control to not buy everything on it :)

  2. KJP does rock, your not crazy. Not sure if I want to wear something other than a watch around my wrist but I'd imagine his entire collection would make tremendous gifts.

  3. I love that stuff! Too Too cute! :)

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