May 4, 2010

Name that dog.

Bahaha. I crack up/smile every time I look at this. PITIFUL.

Harper's getting a sister!

As the Boykin Spaniel #2 mandates a name, we Stallings are torn.

Mom likes Libby.
Willow? Rhymes with "no." Potential training hazzard.
Hollis? My pick. I was told the dogs would get "confused" over the H names.
We liked Scout, until we realized that our other dog's name is Harper. Cheesy? Potentially.

According to Dad's eloquent wisdom, "No one on a dove field knows or gives a flyin' rip if their names are from the same book, y'all."

Wittle baby.

Soooo... whatcha think? Any name ideas? 
She comes home in two weeks!

Don't worry: We've got a small library of bird dog books and Boykin Spaniel Society newsletters (don't ask) to greet her. What can I say? The Stallings family had long had a thing for dogs that point and get pumped-about-life over the sound of a gunshot.


  1. SO cute! I have a little black puppy who is that tiny full size and we call her Darla... but Libby sounds adorable :)

  2. I am in full support of the new member of the Stallings family! So cute!

  3. Lee. Harper and Lee = Harper Lee. Hard to get much better than that in the state of Alabama.

  4. How cute is she?! And while I don't have a name in mind, whatever she becomes will be sweet as pie! :)

  5. What a cutie pie. Have a great weekend! I got an airbrush tan and I can't wait to show it off. xx


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