May 5, 2010

Hot like Mexico.

As the last political science paper of my collegiate career is due tomorrow (The Media's Effect on Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf War--riveting, I know.), it's looking like Cinco de Mayo festivities shall be celebrated on the Seis. Tequila and Microsoft Word probably don't mix.

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Ahh, Cinco de Mayo! Here you are again. 

Let us trace my history of loving Mexico:

Forget princesses. For my 6-year-old birthday party, I went with a lovely Mexican fiesta theme. We wore sombreros and dined on mini tacos. Mother claims I bossed every one around.

For my 2nd grade state report, I chose New Mexico for its OBVIOUS connection to its southern neighbor. I spelled Albuquerque wrong on every page, meriting my first "F." Mrs. Furlow lovingly dried my tears and allowed me to rewrite my report and I got the nerdy 100 I was accustomed to. F --> 100? Only in grade 2.

In 6th grade, our class hosted Latin America day for the entire elementary. Mrs. Baker asked me, the resident ballerina, to choreograph a dance for 10 girls, so duh--I went with J Lo's "Let's Get Loud." What a jam.

In high school, I got bit by the French bug and remained a francophile til, well, now. But when my fashionable Texan sorority sister first wore a traditional Puebla dress with cowgirl boots, my former love came soaring back.

I want one soooooo badly.
That's what you're supposed to drink a 'rita in.


  1. 2 tidbits
    1) It's Cinco, not cinqo. Mrs. Furlow might give you an F on this blog.
    2) I got 1 perfect score in college (yes a 100, better than just A) on a final paper/project. The entire 10 page paper was written after spending 4 hours at happy hour enjoying $2 margaritas and $1 'shot-of-the-day's. It's college, live it up!

  2. Bahaha--J'ai dit j'ai été un francophile, n'est pas? Oui. Cinq ≠"cinqo." C'est la vie...

    Mother also called to let me know that error.

    And you realize you just gave me an excuse to bypass foreign policy? Thank you.

  3. Oh, a mention for the 505 (that'd be Al-bu-qu-er-que) made my day. Six years of Spanish later, and living in a border state, Cinco de Mayo is practically a federal holiday here.
    And yeah, I've lived here my entire life, and I still spell it out broken up like that.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks for taking me down memory lane as I played the mental video of us dancing to "Let's Get Loud." Unfortunately, that memory had completely slipped my mind. Tragic, I know. That must have been the debut of my prima days. :)


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