May 20, 2011

And then the beat comes, and then she's movin' on the dance floor.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest. The most addictive site on the internet.

What: 5.2011 Playlist
Used: When I was baking cookies the other day in a sports bra and tennis skirt with a glass of wine. Don't you wish you were unemployed? Kiddin'. That was a low-blow even to myself. :(

1. White Dress :: Ben Rector {Chyupp. Still numero uno on my playlist. Fave part? The build-up to "she's comin' on Frriiiiidayyyyy."}
2. The Beat :: Ben Rector {To continue telling you my fave lines, "her heart is broken but she won't say that..."}
3. She Is :: Ben Rector {Aaand: "She wrote the book on hard-to-get."}
4. Loving You :: Ben Rector

--Aight. Leh's be real: Just go 'head and add "Anything by Ben Rector." If a man can do this below, he is a permanent winner on my musicians list. Meg, Emi, and I saw him in Atlanta the other weekend. Boy sounds just as legit in person as he does on Grooveshark. In my well-educated, total-Samford-girl opinion*, he outshone Matt Wertz, who went on after him.

*You should know that every Samford University girl goes through the following initiation: Fall in love freshman year with Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes, and smile with them after the show for a pic as they visit Samford Country Club annually. If you don't do that, your diploma is lying. Lo siento. You didn't really graduate from Samford.
5. Crazy Girl :: Eli Young Band
6. Honey Bee :: Blake Shelton
7. For the First Time :: The Script {That is a dang-lotta emotion for one song.}
8. Barefoot Blue Jean Night :: Josh Owen
9. Dirt Road Anthem :: Jason Aldean
10. You've Had What You Need :: The Classic City Collection {THIS IS A JESUS SONG. Next fun fact: So. I have this girl crush on this precious Georgia girl. She posted about her Athens, Ga. church band and their latest album. This is them. Get. It. Now.}


  1. Ooh I'm so obsessed with Pinterest too! Isn't it the biggest time-sucker you've ever come across? My boards are at if you want to follow!

  2. fun, true post!! as a mom of a Samford grad...and as a Samford student married to a Samford grad...with a son and daughter in law that are Samford grads.....I get it!!! and it's wonderful! sort of hoping my soon to be Sr. in high school will experience Samford...but I think it's more suited to girls...not sure why....but then I remember Holly and Matt Wertz...and I do understand!


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