May 16, 2011

There are two necklaces I'm crushing on.

And their names are:

Photo courtesy of Doree.

1. State of Alabama. Every penny of the proceeds go directly to benefit tornado relief in Dixieland. Sold at Doree in Homewood, Ala. $35 silver, $40 gold. You can pre-order them, uhhh whoops--like I just did, by calling 205.879.1333. Done and done.

Photo courtesy of Emerson Made.

2. Gold lion coin necklace. Considering everything Emerson Made touches turns to gold AND I'm an Alpha Delt, this lion necklace is simply swoonworthy. Roar. WARNING: If you start clicking on their website, you will not stop... just sayin'. I think that this is my personality in website form and that they are the most beautifully glorious clothes I have ever seen.

Sigh. Oh, materialism.


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