May 26, 2011

The PARISH project (aka How I Wound Up Temporarily in Interior Design).

Photo courtesy of PARISH.

So. In the meantime, I'm spending my glamorous hours in this deep South city launching a few marketing and publicity efforts for the incredible (and yes, glamorous) Ashley Gilbreath.

Which means I'm dabbling in interior design.
Oh my.
You interior design people and your crazy world.
I'm learnin' at lighting speed.

Tall, blonde, and whip-thin with style dripping from her every word, Ashley is one of Montgomery's premier designers, and a huge role model to me: great marriage, precious-baby-girl-Cates, and an absolute killa in her field. Her designs? Probably (and by probably I mean exactly-could-not-be-more-perfect) precisely the style I would like my future house and apartment to emmulate.

Lots of neutral.
Lots of exposed wood.
Lots of natural materials.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design.

The girl's got style, am I right or am I right? Love it.

So if you're in Montgomery, venture out to this community:

Hampstead Development
sustainable community from the planners of Seaside & Rosemary Beach

Photo courtesy of Kim Box Photography--love y'all!

and hit up 5272 Hampstead High Street for looks like this:


and this chandelier that I am crushin' on:

Photos courtesy of PARISH and Kim Box Studio.

Swoon. PARISH is legit, huh? I'm a lucky girl.

So get ready: You'll be the first to know when our blog launches and the new website for Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design and PARISH goes live.

'Til then:

p.s. The interview? Went incredibly well, all thanks to Jesus. I'll keep y'all posted, but I do want to extend a huge, HUGE gracias to everyone who commented/emailed/Facebooked/texted about a prayer said or best wishes. So sweet. :)


  1. This reminds me.
    Whenever you're back in ATL --

  2. Wow how exciting to be involved with Ashley in this fabulous property!

    Art by Karena

  3. AMAZEBALLS! Great stuff :). Can't wait to see more. Prayers going up for that job.


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