May 9, 2011

She is whatever she wants to be.

The LC's (minus MK) in front of Executive Office.

Welp, SB11 aside, we've been "off the road" as we call it for a whole week. It's a bit like LC-rehab livin' back here at headquarters, you see. It's been a long year and being a road-warrior brainwashes you of what real people do in life. Let me thus provide some examples:

ex. 1. ADPi only has us on the grind from 9 to 5. Wait, WHAT? You mean there are people out there that don't work 17-hour-days? People that "leave" work at work? And let's not get crazy: you mean there are other things to do at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night than crunch recruitment stats and submit Bid Lists under the wire? Get outta town...

ex. 2. The ADPi bunk room has closets. Yes, that's right. Forget rockin' the same 10 outfits on the circuit. I have options. That's an odd feeling.

ex. 3. We don't eat out every meal. Keep in mind, I just "ate out" every meal for an entire 9 months pretty much. So ADPi gave us the Pisa ("Pi" + Visa, get it?) for Publix. The seven of us are now testing cooking skills on each other--last night, Megan and I whipped up shrimp-and-grits, blueberry pancakes, omelets and eggs. Why? Because breakfast supper rules.

So you see, we have clearly had some free time. Which have been filled with:

Running adventures through ATL and yoga class.

Cinqo de Mayo festivities.

Welp, clearly Cinqo was fun. We made mustaches, which conviently double as a Frieda Kahlo disguise.

Setting off the fire alarm of this 100-somethin'-year-old mansion.
(Wait, didn't we do that at training in August, you ask? Yes. We did.)

GOING TO SEE THE BRAVES! And tomahawking all around.

Light-show watching in Stone Mountain Park.
(We decided it would be a sweet date night. Except as you'll see below, some of us think it's way more fun to dance/sing every song and dunno how people could sit still and cuddle.)

Me and Megan. This was maybe "Devil Went Down to Georgia." I know it isn't "Sweet Home Alabama" because I'm seated in this picture.

Hittin' up great sermons at Passion City Church and Buckhead Church.

Seeing Ben Rector and Matt Wertz live.
(Chyeah. More on that to come.)

And we still got one more week! I just love this city.
And I just love being reunited wich mah gurls.

Blog post title: "She Is" by Ben Rector.


  1. I also went to see Matt Wertz and Ben Rector, in Dallas. LOVE them both!

  2. Hey Ashlyn,
    I'm from Atlanta! That's where I moved when I left Samford. Now I live in Boston, but still. It's my hometown.
    I also read your blog which hopefully isn't too creepy.
    You should check out which is my church. Also, please go to the Dekalb Farmer's Market if you like cooking. It's AMAZING.

  3. Oh hunny - I lived in ATL for 3 years... it's amazing. Buckhead Church - my heart and soul! Andy Stanley is unreal. Do some shopping in the Highlands, have some tasty BBQ at Fat Matt's, tasty Mexi at Tin Lizzy's, and last but not least - have some brews at Sweetwater Brewery! Oh - and you should also probably have breakfast at The Flying Biscuit... Ready, set, go!

  4. Ben Rector?! Awesome. He was in Tucson the same day his buddy Andrew Ripp was in Tempe. I went to see Andrew Ripp instead, and he was goooooood too. I can't wait to see Ben Rector in person!


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