May 24, 2011

Forever young is in your mind.

Photo courtesy of Helllo Beautiful.

Job interview tomorrow--in the rockin' city of ATL! Cheesy confession: When I turn that final I-85 corner into the city and see the skyline, my heart melts. Every time. I love Atlanta.

Unfortunately, this:

Turqouise and Caicos nailpolish photo courtesy of Essie.
Nailpolish-during-The-Bachelorette loan spanks to my bestie Bec.

...nailpolish color is a negative ghostrider. Peace out, sea foam green nails. You were fantastic for one whole entire day.

And the feather extensions I was going to get should also probs hold off until after I interview.

Photo courtesy of Grace and Ivy.

And maybe I'll wear something other than Strawberry LipSmakers on my lips. Ya think?

Glad I'm basically 8.

Blog post title: "Forever Young" by Jay-Z. But you knew that, right?


  1. Good luck! Too bad you had to say bye to the Essie, it's one of my favorites!

  2. Good luck on your job interview!

  3. fun! my heart's been pining away for Atlanta. good luck!


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