May 3, 2011

I'll be your Mississippi.

I cannot get any further in this post without freaking out. Because:

Ring those cowbells loud--ADPi got it!
Maroon and white, prepare to meet your new friends blue and white.

The phone call from MSU Panhellenic just recently came into the lion's den over here in Atlanta.  Oh, Mississip. I told y'all I was gonna tell you just how sweet they were over at Mississippi State last week, and here 'tis!

Those sweet dawg fans (well, just don't bring up the whole UGA-is-dawgs-too thing to them) positioned this adorable welcome basket to be waitin' on us at the hotel. No worries--I nabbed the koozie. Because, ya know, 54 in the koozie drawer isn't enough...

In other news, they also gave me a cowbell. I think considering I complained about 'em in the spirit of SEC, this m'dears, is called "karma." When my father walked in the other day, I rang it in his face. "Amusing, Ashlyn. I think I've heard enough." Mwhaha. Luh ya, pops.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Anyway, the Panhellenic women and university administrators showcased nothin' but Southern hospitality at its finest. We trekked all over Starkville's pretty campus, drill field, and sorority land--duh.  Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, and Kappa Delta swung their house doors open wide to give ADPi the grand tour (ya gotta know what to tell your architect the campus norms when your new srat house gets built). Yes, they do all look like country clubs at State.

Awww, shucks. Thanks, y'all!

After a long day of meetings, we presented (with help from adorable Alpha Dee's from Eta-University of Alabama and Eta Zeta-University of South Mississippi) and I got a big 'ole Montgomery hug from Katherine, a hootie hoo Chi O. We deb ball-ed it together, and Kat's one of those amazing women who emailed me biblical encouragment all year. Dang. Love you, Kat. :)

Oh, and here Kappa Dee bestie Sarah--who knew me from Miss Magnolia before we met. And now we're real-life friends. Nbd. I told her she would be on the blog:

Sarah, me, and Katherine.

It's funny about visits to schools that uh, welp, don't have any ADPi's yet until we make them. Because these Panhellenic girls--who claim different letters--welcome me into their homes and hug me at the end of the day. Gotta love that.

Considerin' we'll be tailgating with y'all starting this fall,
that's pretty good "family" to join.

Blog post title: "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton.


  1. Awesome!! That's exciting!

  2. So exciting!!
    I feel like I follow so many ADPi's here in blog land.. it almost makes me wish I went to State instead of down the road at Ole Miss! ha!

  3. So exciting! I love hearing about ADPi expansion success - it makes me happy inside :-)


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