March 7, 2011

On taking the next step.

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This is probs the first part in a 22-part series called Ashlyn Doesn't Know What She Is Doing After May. But--and I apologize for it's length--this below is how God swoops in and provides me my manna portion daily. How I know the next step is going to be okay. I just keep obeying Him. And it will be okay. He tells me so.

Whew. Deep Breath. Praise God.

Below, transcribed from "Zealous for One Thing," Church at Brook Hills. God through D. Platt says it better than my elementary verbage can. It's long, just go with it:
"...And as we obey his commands, he directs our steps. Paul had no idea what was coming that night. (I should maybe tell you we'd just read Acts 16:6-10.) He couldn't have organized. it. Planned it. Forseen it. He was OBEYING. And as he obeyed, God lead him. As a result, the Gospel for the first time would go into Europe, to most of our ancestors in this room. He couldn't have planned it. He was obeying and the Sprit led. Isn't that Proverbs 3:5-6?! 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways--in your ways, as you're walking--acknowldge Him and he will make your paths straight--he will make. Them. Straight.'"

"God is not up in heaven trying to keep His will from you. Trying to make it difficult on you. He wants His will to be accomplished in your life, Christian, so much that he has put His Spirit inside of you! He's not even going to just give you directions; He's saying 'I'm going to LIVE in you. And I'm gonna change your thoughts and your desires. And I'm gonna drive your steps. You walk in Me, you abide in Me, and I will direct your steps.'"

(here's where it gets gooooood...)

Now it's not always the most direct route. God could've given Paul this visition a few nights before he started to go this direction. The Spirit somehow stopped it. He could've given him this vision from the beginning, he could've laid out his plans. Ever wish God would do that in your life? (Chyeah. Like, daily. I hate surprises.) Like, all those questions... But there are so many things not in His word for sure! Like, 'Who am I gonna marry?' Her name isn't in here. I mean, ha, it might be, but I dunno which one--there are a lot of names. 'And so what job do I take, where do I live? (Hello, my name is Ashlyn and this is the story of my current life.) What decision do I make here or here?' We're wrestling with these. But you don't have clarity in the Word on it."

"And you're thinking, 'Man. It'd be nice to have a little Macedonian vision, and aight--BOOM. There she is.' It'd save a lot of dating stress if you could just have a vision, right? So we WANT that. And the reality is, God could've given that, but He didn't. Maybe there's something deeper here than just instructions on where to get to. Maybe the destination is even deeper than Macedonia..."

"Maybe God Himself is the destination.
Maybe he's the goal--maybe more than the answer to our questions is."

My next job stint isn't. My next little appartment in the city isn't. Some guy isn't.
The Creator of the Universe wants me desperately to arrive at His feet.
Talk about love...


  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was so moved by this sermon too! I love this post! Again, you write beautifully!

  3. I'm new to your blog, and I found your post to be exactly what I needed today! Praise God!!

  4. AMEN, Sister! I'm right there with you come May I have no idea what I'm doing but it doesn't matter because God is in charge and that's all that does matter is Him.

  5. Ashlyn, this is such a timely post. I just finished David Platt's book Radical, found it to be eye-opening, and have been mulling it over. Now you have posted this and I am listening to him preach right now.
    I often pass along your blog to my daughter who is in ADPi at Georgia Tech (freshman). Thank you for writing. I am excited to see where God leads you next!
    Sandy in Columbus GA

  6. How about you just start sending me my morning devotional every day? That'd be great, glad we cleared that up sister. kthanksbye

  7. I am going through many of the same things you are (where to go? what to do? blah blah blah), so this post definitely made me feel better. It's hard sometimes to just TRUST God, without asking too many questions, but this reminded me that if I do, it'll all fall into place. :)

  8. Ashlyn, I am a Gamma Iota ADPi and completely stumbled upon your blog... but, I can't tell you how amazing it was to read this post tonight after spending half the morning crying on the phone to my mom and sister about not knowing what I am doing after graduation. Thank you so much for being a reassuring light of the love of Jesus and His perfect will. Pi Love you, girl!


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