April 20, 2011

"I could really use a little more cowbell."

Photo courtesy of Truche, $50.

You know you're a workaholic when you get call from the boss to work on your spring break. Aaand you say yes. In other news and events, everyone knows I'd do anything for the sisterhood of Alpha Dee...

Mississippi State University
Starkville, Miss.

I'm headed to Starkville, bay bay! ADPi is presenting to expand at Mississippi State University, which means I'll be roadtrippin' down country roads next week. Everyone knows I love a good SEC Panhellenic at this point. Glad to hit up one more SEC visit before the year wraps!

But I suwannee, if you people have out those dang cowbells that really should be banned from football games (and ENFORCED as a ban), I'm pulling on my Cam jersey and finding a tree to roll. War eagle, and see y'all in Bulldog Country!


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