January 6, 2010

Can't Help My Roots.

Photo courtesy of Pink Wallpaper.

Gotta love email forwards from Mama. Also gotta love inheriting the following mindset:

As a die hard Auburn fan, I recently had a co-worker who was a Bama fan lean into my office and ask me if I was going to cheer for Alabama in the National Championship. As they looked at the Auburn decor in my office, they informed me that I should always cheer for the SEC. As I pondered my response I finally came up with one:

I would have to say not "no" but "hell no." In fact, on the day of the National Championship I plan on waking up and eating some Tex-Mex food which would include Texas Toast dipped in Texas Pete hot sauce. Then I will sit down and watch episodes of Walker Texas Ranger on TV. Then I might rent the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When I tire of that I will do the Texas Two-Step while listening to the band Little Texas singing my new favorite song, "Deep in the Heart of Texas". All while wearing the hat of my new favorite baseball team the Texas Rangers. I wouldnt cheer for Alabama if Charles Manson was playing for the other team. Hook 'em horns!

- Email circulating amongst diehard Tiger Fans

Yup, tomorrow I'm gonna be wearing orange. Lord knows I sure own enough. WAR EAGLE, HEY!


  1. I'm a Georgia fan myself and there is no way in hell I would ever root for Florida, SEC be damned!

  2. Ahhahahaha! Hysterical and well said, but I'm an SEC over all others and rooting for Bama - ROLL TIDE!


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