January 9, 2010

Whistlin' Dixie

Photo courtesy of Kelly Braden.

The Southern lifestyle magazine I write for, MyScoop, boasts a brilliant new post: a listing of purely Alabama songs. Slight issue--the "Yea, Alabama" fight song was included. Now, I'm as proud of Dixieland as the next belle, but I HATE the university (lowercase) of Alabama. The first bars of that fight song make this Auburn girl's blood curdle. I found it flawless that they displayed the championship trophy at WalMart. Ha...

So, here's my Southern playlist.

It's a hybrid of the playlist that I've had for years and MyScoop's list. Whatcha think? What is on your list?

p.s. I'm sorry for what I said about UA. It's just hard to live in B'ham this week. I beg your sympathy.
  1. Dixieland Delight :: Alabama
  2. Song of the South :: Alabama {I mean, you knew they'd be on here more than once.}
  3. Sweet Home Alabama :: Lynard Skynard {Never. Gets. Old. If I get the band to play this at my wedding, does that make me a redneck?}
  4. Miss Magnolia :: Matt Costa {Bingo--that's where the blog title originated.}
  5. Oh, Susannah :: James Taylor & Johnny Cash
  6. Midnight in Montgomery :: Alan Jackson {As a wee Montgomerian, I used to get Mama to change the station when this came on because it was "scary." I can handle it now.}
  7. Southern State of Mind :: Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers {Yup, I play this erytime I cross over the Alabama River going home.}
  8. Sorority Girl :: Luke Bryan {We may or may not have morphed this into a rush song. Bhaha.Gooo ADPi!}
  9. Louisiana Saturday Night :: Benjy Davis Project
  10. Sweet Southern Moon :: Benjy Davis Project {Ah, young love. Add boys in SUV's, and I'm in.}
  11. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down :: The Band
  12. Take Me Home, Country Roads :: John Denver
  13. Carolina On My Mind :: James Taylor
  14. Auburn Fight Song/Insert Your Team's Song here. {Let's be politically correct little ladies, y'all.}
  15. If Heaven Ain't a Lot Like Dixie :: Hank Williams, Jr. {Shout out to a true Gumptown Baller.}
  16. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) :: The Doors
  17. South On 65 :: Ryan Kinder {"Find a Southern girl, wants to rule the world..." Don't we all?}
  18. Magnolia Tree :: Drew Holcomb {I swear, if this song happened to me I could just scoot on to heaven.}
  19. Sweetness :: Drew Holcomb
  20. Something About a Southern Girl :: Amos Lee {By golly, I think he's got it!}
  21. Gin and Juice :: The Gourds {Great message, huh? But it's no band party without it. CoughCourtneyMcAlisterCough}
  22. Stars Fell on Alabama :: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong {The guv'nah does his inagural ball first dance to this.}
  23. Georgia On My Mind :: Ray Charles {Rip my heart out. And I'm not even from there.}
  24. Welcome to Atlanta :: Ludacris {Yeah. And I'm not apologizing.}
  25. Ramblin' Man :: The Allman Brothers Band
  26. Angel From Montgomery :: Dave Matthews Band
  27. Pearls On a String :: Ryan Adams {That voice can describe a Southern Belle to me any 'ole day.}
  28. If I Could Do It Again :: Corey Smith
  29. 21 :: Corey Smith {Couldn't have been college without you, Cor. SB 'O6! And '07, and...}
  30. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours :: Stevie Wonder {A classic on the Montgomery ball circuit in high school.}
  31. Domino :: Van Morrison {See #30. And Camilla, this will always remind me of you!}
  32. September :: Earth, Wind, & Fire {See #30. And Bec, this one has your name all over it.}
  33. Rich Girl :: Hall & Oates
  34. Who Do You Love? :: Bo Diddley {Thank you for rock and roll, Bo.}
  35. Carolina :: Eric Church {Melts me. Ha, Sloan and I sang this the whole way to Nashville this summer.}
  36. Love Your Love the Most :: Eric Church {If I weren't Southern, I'd roll my eyes at this song. Instead, it wins me over EVERY time.}


  1. good stuff girl! I have most of these but I will be heading to itunes very shortly. Hope your having a great weekend. XOXO

  2. i love allll of those :) especially eric church and lynard skynard!

  3. While I do know many of these, you have opened my eyes to a few new songs which I will download promptly.

  4. Some of these are new to me and I'm looking forward to checking them out!

  5. Thanks for the comment, sweet girl! I LOVE the name Ashlyn BTW :)

  6. Ashlyn you should treat yourself to an anthro apron as a "I'm in school when I don't have to be" gift.

    I'm so glad to see you have my two southern favs: "Georgia On My Mind" and "Welcome to Atlanta". What does that say about me?

    Oh well! Peace up. A-Town down!

  7. Oh my goodness! Just found your blog and I LOVE this list of songs :) So great!

  8. Great song choices! Love, love, love your blog!

  9. Great list - I'll be building this when I get home tonight.

  10. I will be downloading songatum for my next 8 miler! Southern rock is theee best and Lynard Skynard is numero uno...XXOO


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