January 6, 2010

MAC, meet your new friend Lilly.

I adore Lilly Pulitzer a whole lot. We're talking, a chunk of my wardrobe could be similarly rocked (and probably is) by a 5-year-old. And I love it. I mean, doesn't every loud floral wearing kindergardener with a bow in hair radiate confidence? Yes. So I relive the glory days.

Anyway, I just don't know what to think about Lilly's new line for MAC:

A collaboration that feels like the best tongue-in-chic resort retort delivers that joyously bright and refined Key West bloom: new floral patterned Pearlmatte Eye Shadow and Face Powder, plus all the retro-modern colour combinations that Lilly is famous for.
-MAC Website

Some of those colors are awfully bright. I'm kinda a neutral girl myself. (Essie Ballet Slippers, anyone?) But I do have to say, that bronzer could be good news for my Snow White winter complexion.

But there's gotta be some appeal in my lips matching my Easter Dress, right?


  1. Hey girl! Long time no chat! How are you? I am with you on the makeup...I am more of a neutral like you. But something that pretty would be hard to resist. {hehe} Stop by and see me sometime. Hope your having a great week! xoxo

  2. I get what you mean, color scares me! But for the sake of Lilly I might just have to stop by a Mac counter sometime soon!

  3. I think I'm just gonna go with the lip gloss and blush. I have to say, I'm disappointed that the packaging isn't printed, though!

  4. My dear husband got me a gift card to get a MAC makeover, man I love him! Doesn't every girl dream of this? Their eye colors never disappoint so I'm excited to see new options for me to play in. :)

  5. Oh Ash, this really excites me! I think I know how I'll be spending some of that Christmas money now!

    I'm not taking classes during Jan Term, but when I get in town, I'll definatly give you a call!


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