January 22, 2010

Planning ahead.

Last semester of college = final glory days of living in a sorority house.

And in my (premature) future-apartment-planning mindset, I'm like a cat distracted by shiny objects when I see pretty interiors. Take these from 25-year-old designer Ryan Korban. They're polished and traditional yet allow for lots of personality. I'm in love--these were promptly drug to the "Future Apt" folder on my desktop.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Korban.

Yeaaahhh. Cause an entry-level journalism career probably has a lot of wiggle room in the budget for things like orchids and art work.


  1. Take it from a former Manhattanite, that first photo could be of your living room, bedroom and kitchen combined! Small spaces but it sparks creativity and masterful organizational skills.

  2. This is all I do - go through design blogs and save photos. It's kindof ridiculous.

  3. As a fellow communication major I totally understand. My concentration is PR but I have a journalism background so God only knows what I'll end up doing!

  4. I'm sure you'll do great! Which broadsheet are you planning to work in? PR writer is also a nice start if you like.

    Same here molly, Communications major, Marketing and PR track with journalism background. Now I'm in Corporate Communications doing freelance writing and events management.


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