January 12, 2010

Get Up, Samford University

Dear Michael,
If you ever want to make a buck, I will pay to see this performed.
Love, Ashlyn

p.s. I swear I think I had a caf crush on you freshman year. But I can't exactly remember that long ago. There were a lot.

This is why Samford U is legit--kids leave and do stuff like this.


  1. Ah yes, fond memories of WP. How freaking awesome was it to be a Southern Living intern?!?!?! Did you like it?

  2. These are hilarious! Thanks for the many laughs!

  3. Those were wonderful! I immediately went and passed them along to several friends who had a good chuckle about them. My fave was Pokerface, of course. :)Thanks for sharing!


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