January 27, 2010

More Bling for Your Buck

Photo courtesy of {this is glamorous}.

Navigating the counters of faceted gems and jewels is slightly intimidating--which makes closing in on a 'deal' seem nearly impossible. We spoke with experts at Bromberg's Fine Jewelers, Barton-Clay Jewelers, Levy's Fine Jewelry, and Sanders Jewelry to find out their go-to tips on how to get the most bling for your buck...

{on a personal note, here's the most adorable tip I learned from Sperry Snow, Barton-Clay's resident Southern gentleman.}

"I'm traditional and I like for the girl to be surprised," Snow said. "I tell boys, 'Tell her your parents want you to pick out a nice watch as a graduation present, and you need her help picking it out.' If he brings her in, 9 times out of 10 that girl winds up over here looking at the engagement rings." Thus her style preference is less elusive and get an idea for what she wants."

Baha. Brilliant. And girls will be girls, apparently. I know I would.


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