January 27, 2011

I like to think I'm surviving a New England winter.

The Beta Phi chapter house at University of Maryland this mornin'.

University of Maryland
Beta Phi Chapter
College Park, Md.

It snowed. About 2 inches an hour all night for the D.C. area. The power's finally hoppin' after a 12-hour hiatus, but Little Miss California (Megan) and Little Miss Alabama (moi) are still in awe. "Ash, come here--you gotta see this," said Meg last night. So I went outside the Beta Phi house and looked...

College Avenue is hushed. Quiet. The now-white Episcopal church across the street stares back peacefully. Greek row is eerily and unusually quiet. Still. It was 10 p.m. and bright as dawn due to the snow reflection.

1-2: We messed up all the perfect snow alongside the frat boys playin' touch football in the snow. 3: My Uggs are destroyed. Mama--send up my Hunters? 4: I'm basically 5-years-old.

And last week, at Drake University, it was doin' this same thing. I was mesmerized by it, not because I don't get out much, but just the consistancy. It was so powdery... We don't get that stuff back in the Delta lands. And the sweet collegians treked across campus to yoga with me even in the snow because they knew I love it. "NORA! Quick. Look at my eyelashes--there are snowflakes on 'em right?" "Uh, yeah Ashlyn. Ha, this is not normal weather for you, huh?" Nope, definitely abnormal.

We're 2 days away from "door" over here in sorority recruitment land (Did I tell you recrutiment spans 2 weeks here?! TWO WEEKS?). There is nothing I crave more than peace in these moments sometimes. And now it's right outside my front door.

A view outside our door. I coulda gotten a better shot but I wasn't gonna go trouncin' over black ice. I'm a klutz enough as it is.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10


  1. Yeah, I'm not sure why girls seem to think that Uggs make for good snow shoes...

  2. So you should read my blog post last night - totally had the same verse! Creepy! Hope you are enjoying it, I'm still in awe of it and wore some intense boots to walk to work in. It was amazing to see it snow that much so fast!!

  3. So cool that you are at Maryland. I went there for graduate school and am very familiar with College Avenue and Fraternity Row. Love that place! Keep enjoying the snow.

  4. Enjoy the snow! LL Bean Boots make wonderful snow shoes as well as for any wet weather.

  5. I'm glad I made it onto you blog!

    Ive been reading it for a while :), but i must have missed this one. i was backtracking to steal some of your rockin pictures.

    my ID misses you.
    and me too i guess. :)


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