January 30, 2011

And do we really want it any other way?

Cool how God editted dance from my life. For the sole reason to be able to actually dance in greater freedom. His freedom. Yeah. Speechless on that one. Praise be. Photo courtesy of Pure Belief.

"We are not presented with a functional god who will help us out of jams or an entertainment god who will lighten our tedious hours. We are presented with the God of exodus and Easter, the God of Sinai and Calvary. If we want to understand God, we must do it on his terms. If we want to see God the way he really is, we must look to the place of authority--to Scripture and to Jesus Christ.

"And do we really want it any other way? I don't think so. We would soon become contemptuous of a god whom we could figure out like a puzzle or learn to use like a tool. No, if God is worth our attention at all, he must be a God we can look up to--a God we must look up to... The moment we look up to God (and not over at him, or down on him) we are in the posture of servitude."

- Eugene Peterson, fun fact I just learned: he drafted The Message.


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