January 22, 2011

More than a ritual or a symbol.

DISCLAIMER: If you don't want a cheesy, sorority-snaps blogpost, click back to Facebook or ESPN.com (now that some of my guy friends have admited to reading, I'm callin' y'all out).

Photo courtesy of someone's Facebook.
Drake University
Theta Eta Chapter
Des Moines, Iowa

Sometimes I wonder what TSA thinks when my carry-on goes through security: There's a ritual book, bundle of ADPi stationery, Crayola markers, Tiffany & Co. bag (for marketing presentations), yarn, etc. Lori told me last week, "Oh girl. I've been traveling with yarn for months. Great idea. I also grabbed some blue and white balloons at ___ chapter. They had too many. They can live without a couple." Brilliant, Roary. So this weekend, I added yarn to my arsenal. Mom, there is some missing from the bottom drawer of your sewing chest, FYI.

Yes, for a living, I do leadership training. And it's the coolest job ever. Let me now tell you a story.

A few weeks ago at Passion Conference, Beth Moore said something (well, 50 things) that hit home. She talked about a young woman who was called to ministry. Homegirl said to Beth, "There is no way. I am not like you. I absolutely HATE public speaking." Beth said she laughed out loud. "Honey, what ever made you think I want to get up and do public speaking? It's not naturally me. At all. But it's what God asks me to do make Him famous. And Satan tells me I can't, but God brings me through it, of course." Then she said it's moments like these when we genuinely bring a smile to his face. We walk off that stage and look at Him and say, "HA! Did you see what we just did, God?! Nailed it! HA!" Beth said it's so sweet when we have these high-five moments with the Lord...

So the other night at Drake, I had scheduled a Recruitment Team meeting with a bunch of sistahs--the ones who drive marketing, philanthropy, and recruitment efforts for the chapter. I pray before stuff like this, just for these women to GET it. For it to click. For them to help lead their chapter. So we hit the ground runnin'. Three weeks of non-stop consultant training in Atlanta, and I can do a workshop, baby. Team builders, games, Power Points, ideas, files bursting with photo ideas... Tonight, you'd have never known I hate talking in front of people. We were in ADPi land going 90-to-nothin' on marketing tactics for this campus.

And this is when the collegians melt my heart. There eyes light up. They nod. They laugh. They scribble down ideas. They whisper suggestions to each other. They get excited to lead other women their age and make a mark in their chapter's life. A sorority becomes more than the mixer with Fiji next weekend. It becomes something that's teaching them skills and confidence.

"Did you guys get anything done in there?
All we heard was laughter for an hour and a half..."

YES. Definite high-five moment with Jesus at Drake. Because I really don't do stuff like this on my own.


  1. You are so precious! I just love hearing about your LC adventures!

  2. Love it so much! At times fraternity and sorority life can be so challenging but it is moments like those that let you know why you do what you do. You are making a difference. Love the "high-five" moments with Jesus!

  3. Your posts totes give me goosebumps!
    Love that you're being a light across the country + making us fellow Trinity/Samford Country Clubbers proud! :)

  4. baha Thank you for the shout out! Also, thanks for not telling the blogging universe that I snagged a couple -*cough* 40 - balloons. I would also like to add that during my days off, I added glitter and a hot glue gun to my craft arsenal :)


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