January 17, 2011

So I live in this weird, Greek, fairytale land...

The colonade at W&L. Snow-dusted style.

Washington and Lee University
Theta Zeta Chapter
Lexington, Va.

They say Virginia is for lovers. And I loved this past week in VA. I'm back home for 48 hours after an amazing, exhaustive week tucked in a valley in Virginia. But I loved every moment of Washington and Lee University, Lexington, and the beautiful women of the Theta Zeta chapter...

But lemme back up and explain that title.

I need a photographer to follow me around and capture the odd things I do all week that are totally normal to me. Since I haven't found a photographer desperate enough to follow my fab lifestyle gratis, I'll commence with what you would see me do:

1. Get to bed at 2 a.m., wake up at 7 a.m., and start the work day all over again. Sustenance includes: LexCo coffee, Starbursts, coffee, Skittles, coffee, and Blue Sky veggie sandwiches. To finish, I pound more coffee.

2. Trek around through 6 W&L sororities' recruitment parties with a Panhellenic brigade. I see nothing abnormal about 100 18 to 21-year-old women banging on walls, stomping, chanting, singing sororitized lyrics to We R Who We R/Hall and Oates/Teach Me How to Dougie, and having conversations timed to the minute to equate precisely 25-minute rounds. Nothing. Totally standard. Hence why sorority membership is a common thread between female hires for HR and recruiting jobs. We got it on lock.
Srat row and our almost finished hizzy since we're the new kids on the block.

3. Miss the entirity of the Auburn-Oregon BCS Championship Game after living my whole life as an obnoxious Auburn fan because of (you ready?) sorority recruitment. I had a sweet friend text me every play during the Open House Recruitment party. To which I donned my Cam #2 jersey pulled over my work ensemble and heels. Number of Potential New Members (aka rushees) that asked for the score: 3. I also updated the anxious southern-bred Alpha Dee's between every party. Thus my lack of professional attire was pardoned. WAR EAGLE.

4. Take morning exploratory prayer runs through W&L's 200-year-old campus and Lexvegas. The Stonewall Jackson House, Robert E. Lee's old house, Virginia Military Insititute... I love old buildings. I love history. I love praying. I was in heaven.

Lee family crest, admissions office, Lee Memorial Chapel, front gates.

5. Ponder purchasing a Barbour jacket, considering every other female at W&L rocked one. I like my clothes a tad masculine sometimes. They're on to something.

Alexa Chung doesn't go to W&L. But you get the idea.

6. Grab coffee/eliptical trainer-cize alongside the Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Delta consultants also stationed at "dubyanell." Verdict? We're totes presh. There's no one that can relate to you, living out of a suitcase, or discussing insurance and legacy policies like a fellow consultant. Instant friends.

7. Put an upside-down penny on the grave of Robert E. Lee's horse, Traveller. It's tradition to, because as the saying goes, then Lincoln has to kiss Traveller's, well, you know...

8. Visit the founding sites/headquarters of Kappa Alpha Order, Alpha Tau Omega, and Sigma Nu. I know, I know: I'm a Greek nerd. Sue me.

Dad goes, "Sigma Nerds, Ashlyn? Cool." Intense SAE-Sigma Nu rivalry in his day, apparently.

9. Celebrate reaching quota on year numero 3 of chapter existance with these pretty ladies. To get cheesy, though I'm 6 months in to the job, it's still always so amazing to me how these women take in and care for a total stranger and then hug me at the end of a week. And they say college-aged kids are selfish--I beg to disagree. Deep in my heart, I love my ADPi...

Next stop? Iowa on Tuesday. Brrr.


  1. Love hearing about your CLC adventures! Also, love Barbour jackets! They were popular at Clem with sorority girls and fratstars alike.

  2. I'm making a point to pray for you this week Ashlyn! I know God is using you to share his love with thousands of impressionable girls!

    I'm looking to take a trip to Barnes & Noble and leave with lots of flip-my-life-upside-down Christian books. Any recommendations? What are your favorites of all time?

  3. Go for the Barbour. I was in Charleston last weekend and girls wearing Barbours are everywhere. This is a good thing.

  4. Ahhh...your blog makes me want to go make to college and recruitment! I loved when our consultant would come each year. I was on Exec for two years!

    I am a huge fan of Barbour on guys and girls. I have one and love it. I went for the women's utility, so it's masculine yet feminine at the same time. To go along with Trip, a lot of girls here in Charleston have them.

  5. I'm a Kappa Kappa Gamma, but am an ADPi legacy, and I'm a nerd when it comes to history in general and Greek history. Haha I'm jealous of you seeing KA, ATO and Sigma Nu's founding sites! I bet that was really cool! Ps: I've never heard of the Barbour jacket but it's way cute!

  6. OH. MY. GOSH.
    Just saw your facebook album.. if I weren't so attached to the Samford Country Club, I might transfer my membership up to Virginia. My heart is pitter pattering for that architecture...and those tennis courts. Be still, my heart! Love it!
    I know you're having a blast!

  7. W&L is one of my most favorite schools in one of my most favorite towns. I LOVE the pictures!

    Isn't that W&L and Lexington wonderful, beautiful, and magical all wrapped up into one? Sounds like you had a great weekend!


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  9. I'm all for girls sporting Barbours.

  10. I am dying to get a Barbour coat! But I don't know which style! Although I think I am leaning towards navy as it will match better (read: auburn attire)

  11. Your blog just randomly popped up in my news feed and I love it! I actually live in Lexington (yes, I know - who lives here?) - I went to Auburn - and was a Sorority consultant for 3 years after school. Love your blog about Lex/W&L/Sorority life! It's fabulous. Just wanted to say Hi!

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