January 23, 2011

And blue is our other color.

I'd say I'm sure everyone and their mother has seen this, but since I know my mother hasn't, I'm posting it. This adorable video is all the rage on campuses going through recruitment (I've seen it remade a couple of times). I'm utterly fascinated with marketing to college-aged women, and welp--this does it. Done. Well done, Baylor Kappas. You just garnered the attention of the country's sorority community in your frat hats and neon and they're all talking about you. Get it. Mark my words: Half the chapters of Kappa in the South are gonna be singing this August.
My grandmother wore the KKG pin, so my little competitive complex is always a bit soft around Kappa. Of course, I wish someone in blue and white had thought of it first, but they kill it. I'm really Panhellenic. I promise.


  1. I LOVE Kappa rap 2. Did you know you can buy it on iTunes? I was almost tempted to do so. My fave line is "blue is our color, and blue is our other color!"

  2. I just found your blog via bun&borough! Your job sounds like so much fun and your blog is adorable!!


  3. I've been waiting to see this appear on here....Wanna be on top? Like meeeeee

  4. My fellow alum Kansas Kappas and I having all been LOVING this video- brilliant!! Love your blog, Ashlyn!

  5. I love this. I was a DDD at Alabama and friends with lots of Kappas. I'm sure the girls in the house have seen it but I'll have to pass it along to the oldies like me who aren't there anymore. So awesome!


  6. Love you blog! Found it through the google alert I have set up for work (I work at KKG HQ). By knowing our LCs, I know you're working hard and having the experience of a lifetime. Good luck!


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