January 29, 2011

My schedule changed (but I still work hard for the money).

Photo courtesy of Rachael Pace. Megan said it looked like me.

Do you know what I stinkin' love about this job? The unpredictability. Hands-down. It rules. Fun fact: In the 1960's, ADPi LC's called Executive Office on a pay phone when they got to chapters to check in and find out where they were going next and when the plane pulled outta the gate.

Dunno if I'm that spontaneous, but my February schedule just changed a bit--yes, the month that's two days away--and I'm so pumped! Coupla days ago, I posted my February travels. But I'll have to check out South Dakota School of Mines and Technology the next time I'm twidlin' my thumbs out in the northern plains, because I'M GOING TO UVA, BABY! And Centre College--bring it, Kentucky. I've never met you before.

Go Cavaliers. Heckyes, I WILL be buying school paraphernalia. Who wants a shirt? Anyone? Bueller? So yeah. That's:

Louisville, Ky.
Expansion Presentation with some members of ADPi Grand Council and the Expansion Team
Centre, Ky.

Gainesville, Fla.

Distrcit IV Leadership Convention
Detroit, Mich.

Charlottesville, Va.
Zeta Xi Chapter

District III Leadership Convention
Baltimore, Md.

Des Moines, Iowa

What am I gonna do when my life doesn't operate around airline schedules? They offer therapy for that, right? #separationanxiety


  1. Ashlyn! We chatted back in the beginning of the year when I was workin hard to get my sweet friend in to the chapter at Samford. You got me in touch with the right people and she pledged back in the fall. Anyhoo, since then I have been a pretty faithful follower of your blog. I am out in Arizona, maybe you have wondered who your western follower is? I love your blog so much, I just linked you on my blog so I thought I would let you know. I have two little boys so our blog is private, but I would be honored to send you an invite...shoot me an e-mail and let me know tracykcarson@hotmail.com. All that to say, you are super cute and your writing is too! Thanks for letting me relive my college ADPI experience!

  2. Ah you'll be back in our neck of the woods! If it's during a weekend you'll have to let us know so we can visit you, it's only an hour away!

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