January 6, 2011

Indiana, our Indiana, Indiana we're all for you.

Get it? I-U? They told us to.

Indiana University
Beta Alpha Chapter
Bloomington, Ind.

If I had a nickle for every time I was I asked "So Ashlyn, what do you actually 'do' at a chapter?" I'd have enough to buy my usual $8's worth of frozen yogurt (hey, strawberries are heavy). Which is my vice and I consume multiple times a week no matter the temperature. I'm gonna do a post on my actual job activities soon, but here's a peek...

Oh, how I love you frills recruitment. My kids are gonna have cute birthday parties.

Yesterday, Megan, Emily (my fellow ADPi LC sistahs here at Beta Alpha chapter) and I were leading the women through the last day of Spirit Week a.k.a. recruitment practice a.k.a. "rush practice" to older generations and half the Deep South.

Sometimes, ya need a mental break. And what did Meg, Em, and I decide to do to give our sweet Hoosiers a rest? Mwahaha... So we have this ritual song (that I am allowed to sing in public, promise) called "I Love the Pin." And we brilliantly had the idea to make them sing the ancient song in different musical genres. And it was hysterical. These Beta Alpha girls have been crackin' me up since I got here, and maybe you'll see why below. Melissa spits a dang good game.

I'll upload the rest (opera, reggae, heavy metal, and country), time and internet connection allowing. Oh, the things I make my sweet Alpha Delt collegians do...


  1. Glad we could give you some snow today



  2. Your blog is super cute! I'm your newest follower :)

  3. 1) Your first photo could pass for some fist pumps for Today's Letters' "Fist Pump Fridays" (http://www.todaysletters.com/search/label/Fist%20Pump%20Friday).
    2) Just reading the words "rush practice" sends chills down my spine. Lots of not-so-fond memories come to mind of that dreaded week, but I'm sure you are spreading joy to knock the bad rap.
    3) Your video is hysterical! Way to spice things up with some sweet creativity!

  4. hey girl! i gave you an award on my page! :) make sure you check it out!


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