January 28, 2011

Blue and white we'll always be.

Photo courtesy of Southern Darlin. I think we are the same person.

University of Maryland
Beta Phi Chapter
College Park, Md.
Alpha Pi. Iota. Delta Theta. Alpha Chi. Gamma Rho. Theta Zeta. Kappa (KAPPA!!! Shout out to my girls. I miss y'all.) and Eta Rho, obviously.

I may have feet planted here in Maryland for recruitment at Beta Phi chapter,
but we're pulling in from Alpha Delta Pi chapters across the nation.

Above translated from Greek: George Washington University. Valdosta State University. University of California-Los Angeles. Arizona State University. Washington & Lee University. Samford University and California State University-Chico, obviously.

Alpha Pi girls came over on Sunday to help us practice! Thank y'all! Meg and I shall be hoppin' on the Metro soon to come see your pretty townhouse.


It's like going to Grand Convention or a district conference--we need to be reminded that we at our little campuses do not make up _____ sorority. You're actually pretty new to Greek life, comparitively speaking, if you're still in college...

Dear sorority women of America: I do not care how "good" you think your chapter is. Well, first of all, right now I don't care if you're a KD or Alpha Gam or an ADPi or whatever, but second of all I do not care how "good" you think your chapter is. How old, how prestigious, how many awards you've won. Improve it. Lead it. Lead Panhellenic life at your university. Look to your left a few miles, to your right a few hundred miles. Get ideas and implement them. There is no sorority chapter in this whole nation doing everything perfectly, regardless of the letters are on your Vineyard Vines bag (or frocket tee. I could thump people that pen annoying articles like this in the Auburn Plainsman. Get. Over. It.).

See? They were here before us. And stinkin' cute, too. Photo courtesy of Alpha Theta chapter.

I know I have a really, really warped view on sororities because I am constantly traveling. But I'm passionate about this idea because I'm guilty of being a total ADPi snob. I was a member of a single-letter, ancient ADPi chapter that is at the top of the international awards chain for our organization. Guess what? That's not good enough. Improve. Get better. Stay current. Reach out across America to see what other chapters are doing. Refuse to rest on your laurels.

Then you'll really see some sisterhood. It looks dang pretty cool when it spans our great nation and a bunch of generations.

Disclaimer: This is not a rant. I'm passionate about it. And by now I know through fanmail or whatever that a lot of Greek women read my silly blog. And when I find a soapbox, I stand on it and preach. Story of my life.


  1. I am IN LOVE with this post. Panhellenism is something I'm always pushing for in my chapter. I go to a large Southern school with only 8 chapters, and our Greek life is so competitive and degrading of other chapters. Every single house has something wonderful to offer. I would LOVE to do what you're doing when I graduate. Helping chapters improve from the inside out is a wonderful thing to be passionate about and I applaud you!

  2. I literally printed this out on the spot and shared it with girls. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  3. I absolutely love this. I just sent it to our Pres to share with the chapter on Sunday. <>

  4. I absolutely LOVE this post!! I am the President of my Phi Mu chapter in Kentucky and this is exactly what I need to boost morale in my chapter. I have such a passion for my Fraternity and my relationship with God and I've loved flipping through your blog! Awesome, awesome job. I feel so inspired and love knowing that someone is just as passionate about their Greek organization as I am!!


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