February 18, 2011

Easy come, easy go.

He brings it. Gah, I wanna go to a Boyce concert one day...
However, first things first: Bonnarroo. That lineup makes me weak in the knees.

p.s. Now, why is he hanging out with a girl who is getting a grenade chunked at her? He's so cute...? Never mind.
p.p.s. Thanks, LB. :)

Blog post title: "Grenade" by Bruno Mars.


  1. bruno mars is coming to jubilee.

  2. Are you going to Bonnaroo?? I blogged about it a few days ago... LOVE the lineup.

  3. Bonnaroo. I want to go so bad! I've wanted to go for years and I think this might be the first time I actually have the finances and freedom to go.


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