February 16, 2011

Where the skies are so blue.

Photo courtesy of Etsy.

Dear The Wheatfield,

Please whip up an Alabama watercolor for your Wander the States collection on Etsy stat. We have won 2 back-to-back college football national championships and gave America the Bed Intruder Song (and before that, we housed the Leprechaun), thus feel that at least we should be bumped up on the list at least maybe before Rhode Island and Idaho.

A Montgomerian Girl Who Will Buy It


  1. while on your crusade, go ahead and request that the great magnolia state of MS would appreciate one as well. xoxo

  2. I'm officially obsessed with all of her stuff.

  3. The artist's Etsy profile says she's from North Carolina... and no love yet for the Old North State? Sheeesh, hoping more states are added very soon!


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