February 15, 2011

Life is either a daring adventure or nothin'.

Photo courtesy of The Beauty in Mystery.

Hard to believe I get to go through the rush of opening my monthly schedule uno mos time before this job wraps and I'm workin' in THE srat house (ADPi Headquarters) for the very merry month of May. Yeah, don't ask me what I'm doing after this stint. I dunno yet. Like, at all. But I'm honestly not worried; things always work out, huh?

Anyway, I squealed a lot when I opened this one. Without further ado, here's the March list:

Des Moines, Iowa

College Park, Md.

(Chyeahh!! Go Hokies!)
Blacksberg, Va.

(ULTRA-pumped for my 3rd SEC visit. Hollaaa...)
Knoxville, Tenn.

(I promise I will not complain about the frigid here. I LOVE BOSTON.)
Boston, Mass.

I always email Mama and Pops the schedule so they know what city their darling eldest daughter is on any given day. Dad's email back: "Good for you. Do not get me a Tennessee shirt either. Love you." Ah, thank you, Daddy. He told me this week to pass on getting him a UF shirt, too. (He gets a shirt from every school I go to except here and UGA). I mean, I did grow being told not to say "Roll Tide" because it is a bad word...

Blog post title: Helen Keller wisdom.


  1. Um it's time for you to come see some more SEC schools...somewhere close to Mississippi so we can visit :)

    I'll keep an eye out for when you're in Boston!

  3. I keep hoping to see this on your schedule...

    Georgia College
    Milledgeville, Ga
    Zeta Iota Chapter

    ...but it still hasn't shown up. Dislike!

    It sounds like you have a great month of March ahead and I hope it's wonderful! :)

  4. Praise the Lord for ADpi's and War Eagle!!! LOL!!! that's not even what I really care about...and yet I love it!!! My daughter is an ADPi and we all went to AU at some time or another...and hopefully my youngest will as well!! LOve your blog, love your stand for the Lord...thanks for your p osts!!! Let us know if you need any ADPi help!!!! We can sure give it!!!

  5. by the way...my daughter didn't go to AU and we STILL love ADPi!!!


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