February 9, 2011

"Somethin' bout a southern girl."

Photo courtesy of Pink and Green Owl.

I said "yes ma'am" to the Panhellenic advisor during our meeting today.
Not once, mind you, but twice.
She's 24. I'm 22.
I do this all. The. Time. Like, ALL the time.
Sometimes I freaking hate being so Southern...

Blog post title: "Southern Girl" by Amos Lee


  1. I'm a consultant for ZTA, and I'm from Pittsburgh, so I never remember to be that polite haha BUT I do think it's so funny when girls in the chapter say "yes ma'am" to me because half the time we are the same age!

  2. No!! Southern charm will get you everywhere! ..but I totally understand this though hahaa.
    You're precious! :)

  3. I do that to people very close to my age too! They ALWAYS hate it! I sure do love that picture though :) I saw it on the brown eyed belle tumblr.

  4. Just saw on your blog that you are "currently kickin' it at Centre." My hubby is a Centre alum - great school! Hope you're enjoying your time in Danville!

  5. "Yes ma'am" was a whole new thing to me when I cam down here, but I love it, no matter either person's age. It's just so polite.

    P.S. Just saw you've been to Elon. I'm an Elon alum. How did you like it?

  6. Please don't lose that Southern Charm. I know i'm wrong, but sometimes I feel like Southerners are the only polite people left!
    Btdubs, same thing happens to me at work - i say yes ma'am to my 23 year old boss. I'm 21.

  7. Don't ever say you hate being Southern again! We're the bomb.com :) ps, love the pic. I want that outfit asap. And I'm also about to go listen to some Amos Lee. This post obvi did good things for me.

  8. Honey, being Southern is the biggest blessing I've received in life thus far :) And LOVE that Amos Lee song, one of my favorites. You are TOO cute!

  9. Happens ALL the time! I say it to my friends way too much!

  10. This looks like you in the picture. love it.

    Also NBD my boss is 11 months older than me...soooooo the yessir flew out real fast.


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