February 18, 2011

If I had a type then baby it would be you.

How do you people at palm-tree-climate universities ever go to class?

Yesterday I caught a 5 a.m. flight outta the sunny south, and this mornin', I'm missing my Gamma Iota sisters as I sit here in Detroit! I'm always reeeal quiet about my "favorite visits," but I'll go ahead and admit this one is on up there at the top. I fell for this chapter and University of Florida. Shhhh...

University of Florida
Gainesville, Fla.
Gamma Iota Chapter
Highlights/breaks in the 11-hour work day:

The Swamp: Every school I go to, I either ask to see the football stadium or sneak in myself and run stadiums. If I didn't ask you to see your stadium, well, uh, put it this way: I wouldn't necessarily take you to Samford's Seibert Stadium. "Ashlyn, when's your next meeting," Sam-the-pres asked. "Uhh, 12:30. How come?" "Come on. Wanna go see our stadium?" And then a ginormous man with a ginormous championship ring chillin' on the bleachers with his wifey snapped our pic. UF's Ben Hill Griffin Stadium? Check.

Sam was so patient with me being a total tourist.

ΑΤΩ-ΑΔΠ Strawberries and Champagne Mixer: Every now and then, I give in to the persuasive begging of the collegians: "PLEASE come tonight to our social! It's gonna be so fun. It won't be weird we promise! Come on--you're basically our age!" (I mean, I am their age). Plus, this historical mixer used to be held between Florida Alpha Tau Omega's and FSU ADPi's until UF went co-ed and Alpha Delt came on in '42...

Stinkin' adorable Gamma Iota girls + good 'ole tradition +
 the little black party dress and stilettos I travel with = I went to a frat party.

Wednesday, we headed over to Gainesville's precious downtown and 101. I think the boys were excited to meet "nationals" and I was quickly labeled Miss Alabama. Dear precious sophomore frat boys, nice try. Excellent job convincing me that you were a second-year UF law student. NOT. But y'all were just so cute.

And then I laughed so much I didn't even think to the the Cam--oh, I mean, Heisman--pose.

Oh, and there's that little last name, "Tebow." So I stalked the halls and found these guys. Oh, I see you my girls. Because I do not care that he cried on national television, I would marry Tim Tebow tomorrow. You wanna shout Jesus' name all day, I'm gonna fall for ya. And they say he's gotta marry an Alpha Dee, right? Right. :)

Get itttt, Social Chair.

All apologies, Daddy, but I indeed loved UF. And bought the t-shirt.
Blog post title: "Tonight" by Enrique Inglesias.


  1. Yep, that Tim is a cutie! Hope he does well in Colorado so there's plenty of Tebow on the TV when the season starts back up!

  2. OMG. First: I am so glad I found your blog from a blog I follow. Second: I am an ADPi from Gamma Iota chapter. Third: I am SO jealous you went to S&C. It is by far one of the best socials we do yearly.

    I wish I found this before you went--I'd have given you some secrets...


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