February 1, 2011

But she believes in shoes and cars.

Photo courtesy of flickr.

Omgosh. I crumbled. And when I say crumbled, I crumbled so hard.

University of Maryland
Beta Phi Chapter
College Park, Md.

Yesterday, Megan and I ran into D.C. to do a little shopping/remind ourselves that people live lives without wearing adorable lion nametags and chanting "Boom Boom I wanna go ADPi" in people's faces. And then I accidentally bought these.

But they're not just Toms shoes. They're gold glittery Toms.
I dunno what I was thinking.
But I woke up and saw them this morning layin' on the floor and sleepily grinned.

Photo courtesy of Toms.

It doesn't help that we all know the company's mission statement rules. It doesn't help that Kenzie has a pair in pink glitter, so I thought, "Ashlyn. If Kenz thinks they're cool, they must be cool." And it also doesn't help that Courtney has been pressuring me for years to convert to her beloved brand. This from the girl who made the Spring Break srat house call her "Princess Granola-Chic Diva" and would only answer to that. (The only explanation you need on that is that it was Spring Break. And we were in college.)

This is Court and I at a tailgate. Note the cornhole.  I dunno why I'm growling, dunno why she isn't squinting both eyes as usual.

So Court: Are these granola-chic enough for you? Imma go with a "yes."

Blog post title: "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West.


  1. I love your glittery TOMS! I always swore I would never own a pair.. but they are the comfiest shoes ever! I finally caved and I am in love!

  2. Those are super-cute! I've always wondered if they're comfortable and offer any support whatsoever. If they do, I may have to indulge in a pair. And, like you say, their mission is awesome. :)

  3. Ahhhh I have maroon ones and black ones too. Love the glitter!

  4. Adorable! I need to get a pair of these shoes.

  5. TOMS! My favorite...and hello, they're sparkly. Can it get any better? I have yet to get a glitter pair yet, but I think my time is coming soon. And they're SO worthwhile. What a fabulous company. Hope your Tuesday is going well :)

  6. I bought those in August and I am still obsessed with them! Such a great statement shoe!

  7. Bahaha. 1) I am on your blog. Not only by name (both my names....) and by picture. Honored is an understatment. 2). I would say they are definitely granola chic with a bit more emphasis on the CHIC part than I am used to. I am very proud of you though. Very, very proud.

  8. I neeeeed those in the pink glitter.
    Thank you for showing me that there are indeed fashionable adults in this country who wear pink, sparkly shoes.


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