February 2, 2011

When she comes around.

Photo courtesy of Nadia D. Photography.

Whatever. I was gonna save this for a Valentine's post, but a) omigosh, that's waaaay cheesy, and b) I have the patience of a 5-year-old the day before her fiesta themed birthday party (which ruled 17 years ago, by the way. All my Trinity Presbyterian friends totally loved it, even though mom says I bossed everyone. Me? Bossy in elementary school? Pssh.).
If you're an American collegiate-aged, sorority woman, don't even act like you haven't looked at a good wedding blog, photography website, engagement album. Don't even. You know you have, even if it was for 3 clicks.

Never fear, I'm here to give you some good ones. You're welcome.


RULES/PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: Do not be all weird and girly and plan your wedding if you do not have grounds to. You know who you are. I allow myself to peak time to time because I plan recruitment parties for a living, which essentially look like weddings and some days I consider going into event planning because, again, I plan recruitment parties for a living. Just sayin'.

1. My ADPi little's engagement pics slideshow. Check out how gorgeous and stylish Em is! Her good-lookin' fiance is the golf coach at UGA and they're huge fans of the dawgs. Of course, the golf course shots are my favorite, handsdownnoquestion. Oh, littleton. You're so amazing and I can't wait for this wedding. It's gonna shout Jesus' name all over it.

Photo courtesy of Nadia D. Photography.

2. The album of Michelle that I promised her I'd put on here. What do I miss about my home chapter? White candles. They're just not the same if you don't know the ADPi involved. Hate I missed yours, Misch, but I sho' do love you. And they call Samford a "ring school..." Dunno where they get that crazy notion.

Photo courtesy of Madeline J. Photography.

2. These sites:

I love when work allows me click through pictures of flower arrangements and food displays.


  1. Oh my goodness! I am in Emily's wedding. We went to elementary school together. I LOVE their engagement pictures! :)

    What a small world!

  2. Ben Rector is amazing! When She Come Around is my favorite of his, followed by, Dance With Me Baby. Good Choice!

  3. oh, how precious. Love those pictures!


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