February 3, 2011

So do you remember, with your white dress on?

Because I WILL go to Bonnaroo one day. I will. Photo courtesy of Southern Darlin.

We all know by know my love affair with musica. Playlist recommended for: flying, background to spending unreal hours in the Microsoft suite, and the occasional run.

1. White Dress :: Ben Rector {Play count since Monday: 24.}
2. When She Comes Around :: Ben Rector
3. By Our Love :: Christy Nockels {And by song I mean whole album.}
4. Girl in the War :: Josh Ritter
5. Maybe If I Sing :: Mandi Mapes {This is my girl. She sings at Church at Brook Hills. Finally released an entire album: Til I'm Home. Go. Get. It.}6. Voices :: Chris Young
7. Oh, Tonight :: Josh Abbott Band
9. Whatever It Takes :: D.J. Miller {Dang. Sometimes a country song just makes ya wanna slow dance.}
12. Don't You Want to Stay :: Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson
15. The Kids Don't Stand a Chance :: B.o.B. {Cover of the Vampire Weekend jam.}
16. The Show Goes On :: Lupe Fiasco
17. Mayday :: The Icarus Account
18. Yeah 3x :: Chris Brown
20. Barton Hollow :: The Civil Wars
21. Helplessness Blues :: Fleet Foxes {Me + ATL + May 14 = I'm goin to the concert, baby.}

Blog title: "White Dress" by Ben Rector. Duh.


  1. Shut up. Get out of my mind yo! Is it possible for two people to have the exact same taste in music? Because this is absurd. It's like you have some secret access to my January playlist.

    PS- I'm going to Ben Rector in a couple weeks in the ham...wish you were going!

  2. Saw this on Facebook and thought of you immediately.


  3. Love love love love loooooooove Christy Nockels. Did I mention that I love her? What a fabulous playlist, btw :)

  4. Ashlyn, what a GREAT blog!

    I LOOOOVE Mandi Mapes - I am definitely going to buy her CD now! Thanks for the tip. I'm sure you've heard that song Our God's Alive by Andy Cherry, right? It's my current favorite! And do you know Paul McDonald? I love that song he did with his wife, Nikki Reed!


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