April 7, 2011

Fake it 'til you make it.

Basically what I have to wear in Iowa: the state that forgot spring starts in April.

Sometimes I feel like a total poser on campuses. If I looked just 6 years older, I couldn't get away with what I do. Those sororities--I tell you what, they're thinkin' when they hire consultants straight outta college:

The newspaper stand chock full of USA Today and New York Times reads "Please reserve for students." But I run half a mile in the morning to nab a copy.

I used a sister's student ID to get into the workout facility and take ballin' Pilates/yoga/cardio classes all week. It's ok: I look down when they swipe it just in case. Whoops.
(I mean, they shoulda figured I wasn't from around here. I was the only one in an XL frat tee, Nike shorts, and a bump-ponytail. Y'all had your chance to figure I wasn't from Iowa.)

And I maybe-accidentally forget to speak up when I get student discounts.

An LC's gotta do what an LC's gotta do. We don't make a ton of dollhairs. I'm survivin'. Sorry I'm not sorry. :)


  1. Ahhh! Haha I love the fact that you just said dollhair--my friends and I use that word ALL the time. LOVE! Girl, please...we'd all be doing the same thing if we were in that situation. I use my student ID every chance I get :)

  2. oh girl, take the freebies where you can get them. and they're so easily found on college campuses.

  3. i'm super jealous. free workout classes? do it up.

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