April 5, 2011

Rocky top, you'll always be home sweet home to me.

But really, war eagle.

I think I left half of my heart sittin' in the smokies.

Can't tell ya how much I bonded with the women of Alpha Kappa this past week--but buddy, Imma try.

University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tenn.

Me and Allison. But really, war eagle.

Major shoutout to Allison--the stinkin' adorable Head Gamma Chi--and her bf/IFC President Mason. The current reigning Ashlyn's Favorite Couple took me on a tour of UT's Neyland Stadium. HOLLAAAA. "Ashlyn. I saw on your blog that UF took you to their stadium. I'm determined to out-do them because we don't like the Gators." Collegians: When you take me on such tours, you win infinity cool points. We joined a little tour group and frolicked around Neyland...

Football recruiting, but not Pony Excess-bribery level, of course. But really, war eagle.

Precious. Somethin' about football boys...

"Well, you know it was a tough test for our defensive lines and linebackers..."

Then ADPi pres Marta and Jenny joined us to frolick around campus. Y'all are the best tour guides ever!

Marta, me, Allison, and Jenny. Photo courtesy of Mason and my iPhone.

Then, Mason announces that to give me a total tour of UT, he has made arrangments for me to tour two fraternity houses: Sigma Chi and Phi Gamma Delta. Dear everyone who knows me: I PROMISE I didn't ask to go in the Sigma Chi house. Promise. But that white cross is all too familar... And I needed to be around testosterone for once.

My sweet Marta filled every bit of my schedule with amaze (<--yes, that is an abbrev) activities. Do you Knoxville people know how spectacular your dining is? Tomatohead, Sunspot, Echo, Calhoun's on the River... And to the Auburn friend that took me out to a Cafe 4 brunch and left me a surprise Ryan Bingham album at the dorm front desk, you made my day. Market Square, I ran you ragged.

Market Square, Knoxville. Home to incred restaurants.

I also threw back a little sushi-and-wine at Nama with adorable former LC, Brittany, and with my little Vol Katy at Half Barrel (I'm putting this in bold since you say Katy "only reads stuff on my blog that is in big type"). Luh you both.

Considering my precious Knoxville-born Kappa sister Tara had a friend deliver Cupcakery treats to me my last night at UT, Tennessee felt a lil' bit like home. I love you, T.

Photo courtesy of Cupcakery.

So yeah. Maybe I got Rocky Top stuck in my little brunette head all week. And for once, I'm not singin' it with the altered "go to &%$#, Tennessee" lyrics I belted at band parties (Hey, I get a little fired up about college football). Miss y'all so much, Alpha Kappas. Can't wait for our AU-UT 2010 tailgate.

My girls: Marta, Brooke, me, and Shelby.


  1. Ashlyn what great fun for all of you!!So good to see the photos!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Never been prouder to be an Alpha Kappa!! Those precious girls did an amazing job of showing you how we roll!!! Love it and love that you had a great time in Orange Country! Go Vols!

  3. Alpha Kappa was my favorite visit all year! They are wonderful women and I LOVE me some Ellen Liston!


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