April 16, 2011

In Me you may have peace.

Photo courtesy of life-love-laughter. Thinkin' about you too, sweet girl.

Yesterday, I was talking to our Virginia Tech chapter's president. Sweet Brittany mentioned Eta Pi is assembling a scrapbook for the 4-16 massacre. In 2007, after the gunman fired his shots, I remember sitting in a white chapter chair down in Birmingham. Our Kappa president broke the news: one of our sisters at Virginia Tech had been shot. What on earth does that feel like for a sisterhood? For a campus? She was alive, but still--we wrote letters to those brave women at Eta Pi. As I'm confident many, many ADPi and NPC chapters did.

Brittany told me yesterday Eta Pi found my letter that I scrawled in 2007. Wow, ha. I remember where I penned that letter: laying out on the roof of Vail dorm (Vail Beach, anyone?) talking to my pledge sister who's boyfriend went to Virginia Tech. I never dreamed I'd actually meet these women or see that campus. God, You are just so cool...

I snapped this in Blacksberg. These are the markers on campus, in hokie stone of course.

Some sorority women only experience one chapter's sisterhood. Some go on to advise and what not, and get to experience a few more. Me? I think I'm up to like, 21 or something.  And you have no clue how being a small speck of an organization that six16-year-olds kicked off in Georgia in 1851 still touches me today.

It was a blessing and joy to meet my Virginia Tech sisters.
I'm thinking about you today.
That Hokie spirit y'all have up there is contagious. Palpable.
I love you.

Panhellenic women, don't forget that your organization is bigger than your chapter. You'll miss the stuff that's important in life.


  1. Beautiful words Ashlyn, and exactly what I needed to read this cold, rainy morning in Blacksburg. Thank you thank you thank!

  2. This is beautiful and oh so true! So thankful for our sisterhood! My prayers and thoughts are with my Eta Pi sisters!

  3. Thank you for this, Ashlyn. Brittany told me they found your letter and it honestly gave me goosebumps. It was really the first time that I realized that Alpha Delta Pi is so much bigger than Eta Pi. <3


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