April 15, 2011

When the sun is high in that Texas sky.

 Delta Chapter house.

I think my family is concerned I won't come home. I blame my mother though, you see. Mama was born in Fort Worth while my granddaddy was studying at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Then when people asked her what she was going to be when she grew up, she answered she was just gonna "marry a rich rancher from Texas." Ah, TSM, mom. TSM.

Well, she got swept off her feet by daddy (a good-ole-country-boy Alabamian in what he says was then the "cowboy" fraternity at AU) but I really think I was destined to love it out here. That's surely comin' for a girl that themed her first-grade birthday party "feista," right?

University of Texas
Austin, Tex.
Delta Chapter

Delta's that first chapter every ADPi memorizes. It's our oldest, and lemme just tell you: this sisterhood. Man, oh man. Am I lucky to be included for a week or what!

I never expected this year to include presents. Really, I didn't.

For the above, I partially blame the lovely April: she is a blog-reader and--get this--when she read I asked for and didn't get Walk the Line for Christmas, she got it for me. Oh, and they gave me a Delta Chapter Cookbook. And ADPi hairbow. #winning.

President Kelly and I trekked to the state capitol...

The Texas flag is the only state flag that can fly as high as the Stars and Stripes. Because they were once a country. Wow. They would. Cali, do you here this!? Claim your "republic" status! That's close enough!

Love you, GWB. And I'm sorry, did anyone else know that Davy Crockett was a real man?
Guess I wasn't listening in history.

Emily and Lindsay toured me alllll around campus...

 Behold, the tower.

Gates to Texas Memorial Stadium. I asked them if I was allowed to do the "hook 'em horns" thing. They said I was.

Fun fact: I discovered the reason God did not let me tour/attend UT. It is called there is a ballin' nice pool with layout chairs. It looks like a country club. I would have flunked out. Then the Exec girls brought me to Austin classics Kerbey Lane and Mother's Cafe and Garden...

Kerbey Lane. The amount of queso in this town--Oh my dear heavens.
And these people serve and eat it during breakfast hour.  Ka-CHING!

The one only second-year-LC-extrordinaire Jackie Mills drove over from A&M to take me to The Magnolia Cafe for breakfast! Hey Aggie Alpha Delts--YOU MADE MY DAY! I am lovin' my new shirt! Thank you! Jackie said y'all scrounged to find a size L just for me. I'm wearing it with Nike shorts as we speak, duh. 

Me and Jackie. Plus, I've only gotten fussed at once so far for wearing an A&M shirt around the Longhorns.

To finish, after my meetings today, I laid out on the house's stratio tanning next to some of my sisters. Reading Texas Monthly and the The Daily Texan. Good thing I'm not like, obsessed or anything.
Oh ya know, just like, one small WING of this mansion I'm living in. Literally.
This is one very, very small tiny wing. I have my own apartment.

Tomorrow, my sisters are taking me deeper into Austin to explore South Congress, buy my new cowboy boots, and go to Lonestar Jam (ELI YOUNG AND JOSH ABBOTT BANDS--eeek!).
Oh, and Mama--Haven't found my rich rancher out here yet,
but I guess I'm still lookin'?
"She get it from her mama..."
Blog post title: "Amarillo by Morning" by George Strait. The man who I have and will always have a crush on since the soulful romance of "Check Yes or No" mesmerized me in elementary school.


  1. Austin is such a great city ... I visited recently with a bunch of friends who are AXOs and we checked out their sorority house. You MUST go to Cain & Abel's while you're there!

  2. I've never thought much about Texas before, but this post certainly made me want to visit. I think you should write a travel brochure for them :)
    Glad you're enjoying your time!

  3. Ah, as soon as I read the title I finished the song lyric. It is my husband's very favorite karaoke pick. Glad you're having a smashing time in Austin!

  4. I bet I'm not the only adpi that catches the adpi reference in the caption about the tower.

  5. Ahh jealous! I'm an ADPi at Arizona, but my home of the previous 18 years of my life is only about 10 minutes away from this little mansion. Magnolia Cafe is my absolute favorite restaurant in the entire city, you just made me so homesick! Tell them to take you to South Congress, or the Torchy's trailer. Or Toy Joy. Or Amy's Ice Cream. Oh gosh, I could go on forever. Enjoy your time there!

  6. That sounds like too much fun! After I was already in college or almost done, I went to visit 2 other schools and they both had pools with lounge chairs. Hello. Guess it was good I didn't see these before I enrolled!!!


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