April 11, 2011

Like a siren song, ya keep callin' me home.

 Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

This weekend, my Xi sisters invited me on their New Delta retreat in Burr Oak State Park. Now, I looove a good state park. The Chac's woulda been on except uh, let's be honest: we all know I'm at 50 lb. luggage limit fo sho. And Chacos are no light-weights. So they live in my closet in Montgomery.

Anyway, on the drive from Ohio University to the park, Garmin took us through some windy, weaving single-lane roads through some of the prettiest countryside. I dunno what I took Ohio for. Flat maybe? But I learned the southwest portion of the state is part of the Appalachians. And 45 minutes from sweet little West Virginia (This, friends, is what I get for never having a geographicaly CLUE where my planes touch down).

Blame it on the pick-up trucks (cough-what I learned to drive on-cough). The worn-out, delapidated wooden barns (well, there wasn't kudzu on them though). Big 'ole fields. Cows. Hunting land. Post-and-rail fencing. American flags. Chyupp--Wasn't long before I was missing Alabama. Pres Claire's mix of Carolina Chocolate Drops, Edward Sharpe, and Yonder Mountain String Band wasn't helping.

I know, I know. I keep saying "I miss home" to anyone that will listen. But the thing is, you don't realize how growin' up in a certain part of the country has shaped who you are until you're standing miles away gazing at it as an outsider...

I quit travelin' and go home for Spring Break in 10 days.

Blog post title: "Carolina" by Eric Church. Precisely how I feel about the South. I love how this is literally a love song. For land.

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