April 9, 2011

I think I'll go to Boston.

I just want to be good at photography. That's all. Fenway's blue chairs, the oldest in the MLB.

Ah, Bah-ston. 'Tis won this little heart of mine once, and goshdarnit if it didn't win it again this past week. Aiding in that endeavor were the Rho ADPi's, who are oh-so glamorous and showed me a TIME in Beantown.

Boston University
Boston, Mass.
Rho Chapter

Without further avail, let's hit it. Here's what ruled about Boston:

1. Yoga. I roll outta bed for meeting #1. Where does former chapter pres Sae take me? Back Bay Yoga Studio's Commonwealth Avenue (or, uh, Comm Ave as I learned to say to be cool). Done and done. Sae, you shall be my friend and Rho, I shall call you mine: I love hot yoga.

0.5 I meant to tell you this first: I arrive to the apartment I stayed in and adorable Chelsea and Maggie (pres and VP) present me with this. Diet cokes and SPK's were in the mug. If I could sustain life off those two food groups, I would. Score 2 for Rho.

As if being the cutest roommate pair in the world wasn't welcoming enough...

2. Dining. I gained about 5 lbs. Boston, hence the excessive workouts this week at Drake. Let us commence with everywhere I ate:
(Red Sox eat here. And famous people. ADPi's work her and meet 'em all the time.)
(Brunch with my sweet senior Alpha Dee's.)
Sweet Cupcakes in Harvard Square
(Yes, I went to Harvard-land, and yes, it is a fairytale.)

Do you comprende me now? I would also like to add that if you are a veg, Bah-ston is très accomodating.

3. FENWAY PARK! I loooove me some baseball. Go Bravos. In celebration of MLB Opening Day, Hilary and I toured the oldest "pahk" in the MLB: Fenway. The Red Sox have been in my heart since 2007 when I first saw Papelbon pitch and I got weak in the knees. But it's the history of the Sox and Fenway that is so captivating to me, from Cy Young to Babe Ruth to Ted Williams... So what if they're havin' a rough "staht" to the season? No but really. They look horrid. Oh well. Fenway was cool.

Ta-da! Let us observe the Coca-Cola sign (go Atlanta) and the Hyndai sign towards center field (go Montgomery).

 Hilary. She wants to be Southern. She'd have had me 'bout fooled if it weren't for the fact
that sometimes she says things like "da-tah." Oh, lawdy.
(Translation: "daughter." #longislandproblems)

Wow. Good thing I'm not against posting embarrassing pictures of myself on the internet or anything.

A view from the Green Monster! Beauty.

p.s. For the haters that don't understand that I have one big baseball team and then a but-I-love-them team, I feel I am allowed one AL and one NL team. But really go Braves. Okay? GO BRAVES! I be choppin' all day over here in Massachusetts/Iowa/Ohio. Sue me.

4. Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall. yeah. Um, I think it's historical or something, but really Bev and I just went there because of the 36 international food vendors. Mazel tov, y'all.

Quincy Market.

5. Ronald McDonald House of Boston. RMH is ADPi's national philanthropy, and though I toss out the word flippantly, I really do love RMH. It's so interactive, and you get to actually see the families that we ADPi's raise money for. Some Rho sisters and I headed over to the precious Brookline 'hood to cook up some spaghetti and chocolate-chip cookies. Felt good to be in a kitchen and be in that house, lemme tell ya.
The RMH is blue and white. :) Look at my cute collegians waving for the cam.

Between the Southerners and the hospitality majors in the kitch, I'd like to say we did aight.
6. Newbury Street. If you have a wallet, do not take it to Newbury Street. Or to "the Pru." Between Lilly, Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, and Saks, I'm on a spending freeze indefinitely for forever. Fantastic. And now saving every penny.
Me, Phoenix, and Julie. Everyone wants a good <> pic with the LC.
They quickly took me in the phenomenal Boston Public Library. Why? ALPHIE! Roar.
7. Museum of Fine Arts. Get me around Picasso, Modigliani, and Mondrien, mixed with some good 'ole 17th century European furniture, and I'm yours. Precious Kenna and Kelsey took me, and we just had to get a pic in front of the wonderous new Chihuly piece. (He has blown glass stuff in the Birmingham Museum of Fine Art, holla. Tis how we met.).

Kenna, me, and Kelsey.

8. Date Party. Well, well. We all know at this point that when the collegians can talk me into a dance flo'. Cue Friday night, and they started calling boys. "He'd look so cute with you! No, no wait--call ___! Ahh! PERFECT!" Lawdy me. So they get me a date and Sarah tosses all their cocktail dresses on my bed. And buddy I jammed that Baseball Tavern dance floor like I would at any band party. Except uh, it's the north, and uh, they don't do the band party thing. But listen: when girls offer you a chance to hang out with Harvard boys in final clubs all night at a tavern tucked under Fenway's shadow? You take that chance.

Clearly, Rho rules and they take dang good care of a Southern girl 1,270 miles from home. Rock and Rho, baby, rock and Rho.


  1. im so ridiculously jealous of this post. well done, well done my friend. can we take a weekend trip? yes? done.

  2. Ah Boston is amazing! I am originally from there but attending school in North Carolina. Than you for your great photos - it was nice to get a little taste of home! Isn't that Chihuly piece amazing? I saw it while I was home for spring break.

  3. I've been waiting for your Boston post! So fun to see your take on my city!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it here :)

  4. Oh wow. If we weren't in different worlds, I think we'd be friends, for realsies. Boston has a little piece of my heart. Visiting Fenway is on my 2011 bucket list. You have no idea how happy this post made me. Lucky, lucky girl.


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