April 11, 2011

Things I'm Going to Make When I Get Home, 1-3.

I know right?!?  ALPHIES!
{1} Lion Icebox Cookies. Remember, I plan sorority functions for a living. This recipe is a find, I tell you. A find.

p.s. Kappa Deltas, coughKristencough, lookahere. Couldn't find a recipe. It's bread, I feel like you just pop dough in mugs in the oven? I just want to give them a hug and a warm home.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

{2} Killer Club Sandwich. Everyone loves a good Pioneer Woman recipe. This one is enough to make me un-veg my life. Or maybe just buy vegan bacon and use tofu. No really, I eat that stuff...

Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.

{3} Mason Jar Margaritas. As if ritas could get any better than they already are...

Photo courtesy of Imagewell.
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  1. Ahhh, the Kappa Delta in me adores those baby bears! Love it. And seriously, that sandwich. I JUST ate dinner, but now you got my stomach growling again :) Love this post!

  2. LOVE the Alphie cookies! Even as an alum I still swoon over blue & white, violets and a lion of any sort. Presh!

  3. NOTHING better than a margarita. amen.

  4. I want to make these lion cookies... I AM SO BRINGING THIS RECIPE WITH ME TO EO this summer and make oodles of them. YUM.

  5. I'm looking everywhere for the mason jar margarita recipe. I know it's super simple, I make them all summer long, but I want to write it down and give it with mason jars filled with candy as a shower favor this weekend. Any idea what the real breakdown is? Fill to line one with tequila, line two with water, etc?


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