April 1, 2011

They say you can't go back, but baby I don't believe that.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

Fun fact: Deana Carter claims Alpha Delt. I'd forgotten about that until my visit to Alpha Kappa chapter, where she pledged--she would be a University of Tennessee ADPi, right?

We hosted Panhellenic Preview at UT on Saturday, and the precious recruitment chairs whip out, what else, but the "Did I Shave My Legs for This" album for background ambiance. That's quality. Daddy, remember when Kristen and I sang that whole album every. single. day. on the way to school? I also remember talking to my friends in third grade confusedly analyzing the lyrics to "Strawberry Wine." Wow. We probably shouldn't have been doing that...

Now that I've made this awkward for my parents to read, I'd just like to say I like every single song that the girl has ever made. From "We Danced Anyway" to "There's No Limit," Sister Deana, I've loved ya from the git go.


  1. i forgot how much i loved that album. and you just totally made me feel like an old woman when you said you were in third grade singing 'strawberry wine.' oh. my. goodness.

  2. Strawberry WIne is definitely one of my top 5 to sing at the top of your lungs in the car songs..love me some Deana Carter!

  3. I'm a ADPi from Oklahoma! I'm enjoying reading you and your fellow LC's blogs/tumblers. I'm especially in love with how much you talk about being Southern. :D



  4. Love the Blog!!! I'm a Southern transplant and an ADPi so you can betcha that you are a regular read. Can't wait to hear about Rho Chapter, Boston University. Love those girls. I advised them until life called me out west. Give them all you got, they deserve it!
    P.S. got Deana Carter in my head now...not such a bad thing!

  5. Ashlyn! I just found out you're coming to visit us it Austin at Delta chapter! I can't tell you how excited I am!!!! I'm Panhellenic Delegate so I'll be getting to spend some time meeting with you! We are all so excited here in Austin!! We are counting down the days till you get here! I know some of us - myself included - are making lists of all the fun places we want to take you! I was especially excited to find out you're a vegetarian! My FAVORITE restaurant here is vegetarian/vegan so I'm hoping we get a chance to take you there!! Can't wait till next week!!!


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